LOKI EPISODE 2 BREAKDOWN! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!

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  1. Clown Revolution
    Clown Revolution
    7 hours ago

    Rewatch alert - when they arrive at the roxxon town in Oklahoma 2050 in the storm, before they enter the store Loki looks at the sky and I think he's thinking- is my brother particularly angry at humans right now? He sees that storm is not completely natural

  2. TheDeathGripper
    Day ago

    It was funny to see the Oshkosh, Wisconsin place cuz I'm from Wisconsin lol

  3. AngryBadger
    2 days ago

    What I didn't understand is how the hurricane had a higher destruction value than Asgard blowing up.

  4. Floppy Disk
    Floppy Disk
    4 days ago

    I just realized that the purple stuff in the reset device, is what the 1st Kang harvest from Alioth wasn't it?

  5. Sogeking Simp
    Sogeking Simp
    5 days ago

    Blublox might actually be something I need . . . My average time on my phone is 16 hours . . .

  6. Tyler Wise
    Tyler Wise
    6 days ago

    20:09 ayo my birthday is October 13

  7. Orangejuice 15
    Orangejuice 15
    8 days ago

    Agatha was at the renaissance festival

  8. Derpy McDerpenstein
    Derpy McDerpenstein
    8 days ago

    You are always so far ahead of everyone else Mr Voss.

  9. Christopher Doroba
    Christopher Doroba
    9 days ago

    I like how you are selling something to block out blue light while being surrounded by.... Blue light

  10. Gr8estWalter
    9 days ago

    When he was going over all the branched timelines, the one from Asgard that happened before the first Thor movie could’ve been when kid Loki killed Thor!

  11. Starlight
    10 days ago

    Interesting that "Renaissance Fair" was mentioned in the first Thor movie aswell, just something I noticed

  12. Nouf Al-Essa
    Nouf Al-Essa
    10 days ago

    I'm at awe at how they plant all these details & Easter eggs and the work that gets put in for it

  13. Ricardo Zende Kambinda
    Ricardo Zende Kambinda
    11 days ago

    10+ years later we'll talk about disasters the Loki series predicted.

  14. robthebobs
    11 days ago

    The idea of visiting various calamities/apocalyptic events reminds me of a film from the early 90s starring Jeff Daniels called Timescape (aka The Grand Tour). A good lesser known Sci fi film from the director of Pitch Black

  15. Joffrey Baratheon
    Joffrey Baratheon
    12 days ago

    This whole multiple variants idea gave me a thought.. could there be multiple variants of Thanos?

  16. Richtiger Feger
    Richtiger Feger
    12 days ago

    jetski bad

  17. Jordan Toczek
    Jordan Toczek
    12 days ago

    5:52 Loki did actually use some form of telekinesis in Thor: The Dark World when He made his furniture in his cell move with his mind after he was told his mother was murdered. It was brief but he does have that ability

  18. D8ON
    13 days ago

    Is it possible that j Jonah Jefferson could be the other analyst mobius’s initials are mmm while Jefferson’s are jjj and they look similar

  19. Lurkki Lukki
    Lurkki Lukki
    13 days ago

    Suomi mainittu

  20. KLGoodman
    13 days ago

    the effort is amazing. But I don't know how to digest all this information, i feel like information overload.

  21. test delete
    test delete
    13 days ago

    wait how is captain america's peggy dancing timeline a seperate branch timeline if the main timeline had old captain america in it

  22. naMnaS
    14 days ago

    owen willson and tom hiddleston are treasures, glad to see them on screen together

  23. ethan suggs
    ethan suggs
    14 days ago

    In the last episode you said peggy was in the tva then why wouldn’t captin America be there too

  24. Concreteowl
    15 days ago

    Barcelona is probably a Doctor Who reference. Being the planet were dogs have no noses.

  25. Alex_17
    15 days ago

    What if they were teasing earths destruction as seen in agents of shield when the earth is cracked in half

  26. rohit nair
    rohit nair
    16 days ago

    9:02 Roz from monsters inc (librarian) ??

  27. Michael Rumondor
    Michael Rumondor
    16 days ago

    I think the telekinesis is a nod to Thor calling his Mjolnir

  28. KydSyster
    16 days ago

    I watch the episode…then come here to just go 🤔…side note….the disasters depicted in this series in 30 years and in The Tomorrow War another disaster (invasion in 30 years)…. what are the all knowings telling us 🤔🤔🤔🤔 (and yes it’s just conjecture…I know 😩)….but 🤷🏾‍♀️

  29. Lucas Sacdalan
    Lucas Sacdalan
    16 days ago

    In the comics, President Loki played Holding out for a hero at one of his rallies.

  30. roybenari
    18 days ago

    Noticed that Earth locations are the only ones that specify town and country, while other locations are just planet/realm/moon names

  31. Brit's Cartoons
    Brit's Cartoons
    19 days ago

    Keith Richards (Earth-616) = Darford or closes thing would be a link to fantastic four and captain Britain but that is miles out

  32. Brit's Cartoons
    Brit's Cartoons
    19 days ago

    3 statues = Past time glass, Present with no time as it is the present and the future time glass.

  33. INID Bil
    INID Bil
    19 days ago

    Grammar stickler here....6:25....undoes....not undooooooz

  34. Liquid Sunshine
    Liquid Sunshine
    20 days ago

    cmon a massive channel and your little pop up self runs at a lower frame rate.

  35. Casey Hayes
    Casey Hayes
    20 days ago

    I'm am Loki God of Mischief.

  36. Chris Searcy
    Chris Searcy
    20 days ago

    19:20 Not sure if this is a typo on Marvel's part or a reference to a different city, but it's actually Thornton, CO not Thorton, CO

  37. axemanmike91
    24 days ago

    Fuckin love you guys

  38. ReinkWell
    24 days ago

    i live near THORNTON, CO. its just that. thornton, not thorton. somewhere else in USA?

  39. SpeakTruth ‘
    SpeakTruth ‘
    25 days ago

    7:57 wow omg that’s wow

  40. Sosa 🏈
    Sosa 🏈
    25 days ago

    Wait he said the mind stone was in the septer I thought it’s was the space stone from avengers 1

  41. Ben Dornan
    Ben Dornan
    26 days ago

    I think it’s kinda funny that the marvel universe uses a timeline based on the birth of Jesus Christ and they didn’t bother to think of that in a series based on the timeline

    1. Lisa Wang
      Lisa Wang
      22 days ago

      It will be way too confusing for the viewers

  42. Steven Carter
    Steven Carter
    26 days ago

    As a wisconsonite the Ren Fair is not in Oshkosh, but in Bristol/Kenosha, WI.

  43. william flowers
    william flowers
    26 days ago

    1492 was obviously Columbus’ voyage. 1522 was the year Magellan circumnavigated the globe

  44. SouperSaiyan
    27 days ago

    Loki winning the tour de France is crazy. The writers predicted the catastrophe.

  45. Dr. Rituraj Rout
    Dr. Rituraj Rout
    27 days ago

    TVA is inside quantum realm. As time flies differently inside TVA so as it does inside quantum realm.

  46. zachary mendez
    zachary mendez
    27 days ago

    Has anyone talked about the sharpie writing on mobius glass??? His cubicle is the only one that has any writing seemingly. And also it's extremely detailed

  47. Dre Loco
    Dre Loco
    27 days ago

    After Randy says " I'm not interested in wooing the Time Vairiants Authority" who is in the background setting the charge?.. and is this the same Loki variant in episode 1? We start off with Loki at the desk as if he has been there for awhile talking with Ms. Minutes....

  48. Lt_Darkseeker /Antique
    Lt_Darkseeker /Antique
    27 days ago

    Once again I can’t ignore the fact that I hear Twilight

  49. Funny Moppy
    Funny Moppy
    27 days ago

    Why do I think that Mobius is Loki?

  50. Micah Harris
    Micah Harris
    27 days ago

    Hold it!! Loki starts duplication casting when he “dries his clothes!” Also, the whole experience inside the store could be a Loki illusion. How do we know? On the way INTO the Roxxcart building, Mobius stands to the left of Loki; but, Mobius is on the opposite side of Loki once they’re in the building! Could be a mistake in production, or a nod to the fact that something is different once inside.

  51. kanes nod
    kanes nod
    27 days ago

    strange wouldnt you be wearing them all the time if they worked

  52. Renshi RadhaKrishna
    Renshi RadhaKrishna
    28 days ago

    It was so cool to have a Loki episode start in WI. Note: the big Ren Faire is in Kenosha

  53. Pentashift
    28 days ago

    Should reword this. "Eastereggs you missed intertwined with my uneducated opinion on climate change

  54. The NSA
    The NSA
    28 days ago

    There is no evidence of increased frequency or intensity of storms such as hurricanes.

  55. soiung toiue
    soiung toiue
    28 days ago

    strands on separate "chaotic" paths.

  56. Nurse Diane
    Nurse Diane
    28 days ago

    Looking back on this episode, I do think, like was said, that Mobius is a variant from Earth in the late 1990s and he rode or sold Jet Skis in San Diego.

    29 days ago

    USA in 1551.....how?

  58. ICEKING1223 0
    ICEKING1223 0
    29 days ago

    is no one going to question how this loki the one from the OG avengers movie knows that hulk is going to be on the rainbow bridge in ragnarock somthing that happens years in the future

    1. ICEKING1223 0
      ICEKING1223 0
      6 days ago

      @A C oh yea I'm stupid thank you

    2. A C
      A C
      10 days ago

      He watched his entire life play out in episode 1.

    3. soiung toiue
      soiung toiue
      28 days ago

      Shasta def still sold :/

  59. kolim jone
    kolim jone
    29 days ago

    Depressing: there’s a whole section of the store that’s for “Pain Killers”

  60. Ero Gomez
    Ero Gomez
    29 days ago

    why is it Thorton and not Thornton??

  61. Carlos Davis
    Carlos Davis
    29 days ago

    The lucky refrigerator normally shock because parent cephalometrically back at a lonely slope. incandescent, quick laundry

    1. kolim jone
      kolim jone
      29 days ago

      All the people in this timeline are super powered with the power brokers serum

  62. Oliver Shutt
    Oliver Shutt
    29 days ago

    The time keepers have reality stones in their heads...🤨?

  63. TurquoiseInk
    29 days ago

    What about the TVA elevator floor that say "LK3"? That looks like "Loki" to me?

  64. The killer Kid
    The killer Kid
    Month ago

    We did see Loki use telekinesis and thought of dark world when he was trapped he got mad and he pushed all the chairs away

  65. Pumpkin Guy
    Pumpkin Guy
    Month ago

    19:56 in 1708 Porvoo was attacked and burned by the Russians during the Great Northern War

  66. seeni gzty
    seeni gzty
    Month ago

    I’m surprised you haven’t mentionned the obvious Se7en references in this episode… the entire library sequence is filled with nods to the cult thriller.

  67. Cj Illust
    Cj Illust
    Month ago

    Why does marvel not let loki use his powers to all his potential? They portray him pretty weak. And that goes for his “smartness” too.. He always used to be two steps ahead but now he’s just kind of normal.

  68. Janel H
    Janel H
    Month ago

    Loved that you showed Kenny powers on the jet ski. That’s what I was immediately was thinking of when jet ski was mentioned. 🙌🏻😆😆

  69. Blazer_newbanana
    Month ago

    Wait.... he wil have to go to somewhere with a meteor, and after ep3 the only “predetermined location” he has to go to is the loop, and there have been multiple not only meteors but many other nexus so, I just hope Loki is going to the loop in an episode instead of just it being a one sided colab

    1. seeni gzty
      seeni gzty
      Month ago

      The coaster mobius used was a hexagon

  70. That 1 cringey Kid
    That 1 cringey Kid
    Month ago

    He didn't summon a roomba he just used telekinesis to get the roomba

  71. Simie Mandla
    Simie Mandla
    Month ago

    The rings on the table created a "Mobius Strip"... lolz🎗

  72. Milkie Jezi
    Milkie Jezi
    Month ago

    Shasta def still sold :/

  73. Carl Jhonson
    Carl Jhonson
    Month ago

    theyre going to turn everyonw and almost everyone into females. end of story.

  74. Peter Skorec
    Peter Skorec
    Month ago

    Enjoying this series booooom

  75. Dodge the System
    Dodge the System
    Month ago

    I think columbus departed from Huelva in Spain, not Portugal.

  76. jonathan Stafford
    jonathan Stafford
    Month ago

    All the people in this timeline are super powered with the power brokers serum

  77. Dr.Coomer
    Month ago

    What’s up with all the Tennessee locations lol

  78. Kamil Matysik
    Kamil Matysik
    Month ago

    My guess that in titan 1982 is someone going back in time to kill baby thanos just like war machine's idea in endgame

  79. Preston Land
    Preston Land
    Month ago

    Place:Ponpe Me: I think we all know where this is going

  80. DartWC
    Month ago

    jasta and jet skis are 90s thing so mobius was pulled from the early 90s his last memories covered by some enchantment magic thats why he is interested in both.

  81. Kahdoom
    Month ago

    @9:34 the 'class 7 apocalypse' referance is also what Fury refers to in The Avengers as the level 7 when the tesseract is taken by Loki, possibly refering to a world end threat?

  82. Graham Warner
    Graham Warner
    Month ago

    Urgent Message from the Pedantry Preservation Authority: no relic of genuine Vikings, or illustration, or written record, has every shown a helmet with horns. Not one. Ever. That is all.

  83. NH NM
    NH NM
    Month ago

    So if Loki wasn’t supposed to escape according to the sacred timeline. Is the mcu we are currently watching not the sacred timeline mcu more so endgame…

  84. Joshua_the_Memer
    Month ago

    The coaster mobius used was a hexagon

  85. Alistair Brand
    Alistair Brand
    Month ago

    when is the vid for episode 3

  86. Kenny Contreras
    Kenny Contreras
    Month ago

    Almost 2M views, you guys are killing it!

  87. Uneti Tree
    Uneti Tree
    Month ago

    He use Telekinesis, he first showed it in Thor the dark world. 5:52

  88. Payton Byrd
    Payton Byrd
    Month ago

    The 11/22/1999 Cookeville, TN entry should be 01/22/1999 Clarksville, TN. On that date was recorded the first F5 tornado in the history of the state of Tennessee. It devasted the downtown area then cut a swath of destruct five miles long through central Clarksville. The downtown was closed to visitors for weeks because practically every law office, the City Hall and County Courthouse were destroyed which strewn legal documents all over downtown, including sealed court records.

  89. Ton Ton
    Ton Ton
    Month ago

    FINLAND! 🇫🇮 🇫🇮 🇫🇮

  90. Sora
    Month ago

    If there is someone notice it.that mobius and loki is talking about ORDER AND CHAOS......any ring a bell???

  91. Apang
    Month ago

    Why is the timeline's year based on Christ dating system?

  92. Max Gotts
    Max Gotts
    Month ago

    Awesome, I missed basically all of those, thank you so much!

  93. tranz2deep
    Month ago

    Loki's making fun of Norse myth with the goat bit. Thor's chariot was pulled by goats in said myths.

  94. Jon C
    Jon C
    Month ago

    Love the duck hunt reference

  95. the rock
    the rock
    Month ago

    I’m surprised you haven’t mentionned the obvious Se7en references in this episode… the entire library sequence is filled with nods to the cult thriller.

  96. Cooper Dalton
    Cooper Dalton
    Month ago

    If all the places they went to in End Game were different timelines then they shouldn’t have worked in 2023, since they weren’t in their “world”

  97. Ethan Jastak
    Ethan Jastak
    Month ago

    At 7.57 it looks like the cover for the game portal

  98. John Jones
    John Jones
    Month ago

    I actually live in Dartford! haha

  99. toomadtoplay
    Month ago

    ms minutes avengers level threat

  100. Northbynor
    Month ago