2 guys 1 taco

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  1. Andy Andy
    Andy Andy
    8 hours ago

    2 girls 1 cup

  2. The 404 Error
    The 404 Error
    8 hours ago

    I hope Toast got his $1,000 and his tacos.

  3. sung-chad-woo
    8 hours ago

    I've seen this 7 times now... pls upload more toast😩... like i would watch anything you upload pls

  4. GianneSky
    14 hours ago

    Toast just dropping by just to say Just be happy. We're gonna be happy. Yeah its cheesy dont worry

  5. Nestor Ojeda
    Nestor Ojeda
    14 hours ago

    Hellos Toast, what do you thing Axie Ifinity? Can you make a review? plsssss :3

  6. nikos sismanidis
    nikos sismanidis
    14 hours ago

    1000 backs Lilly

  7. Nicholas Axel
    Nicholas Axel
    18 hours ago

    Lily is a master of losing $1000 bets.

  8. pigeon
    21 hour ago

    the title reminds me of a certain well known video featuring 2 girls and maybe... persay... a cup, and that hurts my soul

  9. Burnt Toast
    Burnt Toast
    22 hours ago

    Wow finally somebody of my kind

  10. Latham Bauer
    Latham Bauer
    23 hours ago

    anyone else REALLY want tacos now

  11. RD Akbar
    RD Akbar
    Day ago

    0:57 what background music is that?

  12. Freebooter Luckless
    Freebooter Luckless
    Day ago

    “Two guys one taco” gave me a REALLY nasty mental image

  13. Marlou Atienza
    Marlou Atienza
    Day ago

    Month passed by, still no new content from toast 😓 spoiled us with everyday upload then now. 🤣

  14. Hussain Luayyu
    Hussain Luayyu
    Day ago


  15. ZACK
    Day ago

    Have i ever tell you guys that toast reminds me of that guy from fast and the furious tokyo drift hahaha

  16. Krishna Kankani
    Krishna Kankani
    Day ago

    @Disguised Toast WE NEED VIDEOSSSS

  17. Tevin Clawblood
    Tevin Clawblood
    2 days ago

    This guys an idiot for saying among us is dead, among us will live on!!!!!

    1. Tevin Clawblood
      Tevin Clawblood
      12 hours ago

      @ragingnoob123 stfu

    2. ragingnoob123
      Day ago


  18. Ethan Parker
    Ethan Parker
    2 days ago

    I miss toast when he played hearthstone

  19. Sebastian Magat
    Sebastian Magat
    2 days ago

    $2000 dollars now lily. rip lily's wallet

  20. harold fung
    harold fung
    2 days ago

    Lily: hi welcome to my vlog Toast: OUR vlog (communist music intensifies)

  21. Scott Erlano
    Scott Erlano
    3 days ago

    I've seen the first taco stand before irl-, and I remember every shop there ;-;

  22. singuli pugna recumbitus
    singuli pugna recumbitus
    3 days ago

    I miss Toast's uploads

    1. Night Knight
      Night Knight
      34 minutes ago

      I think a lot of us do

    2. ragingnoob123
      Day ago

      Me too

  23. Adam Truong
    Adam Truong
    3 days ago

    Thousand bucks... give, now

  24. potso
    3 days ago

    Clearly lilly takes care of Micheal

  25. potso
    3 days ago

    He uploaded it

  26. Sad Cat UnU
    Sad Cat UnU
    3 days ago

    I bet toast actually got eaten as a British classic breakfast.. which is why he haven't upload yet

  27. DoolyAhDooly
    3 days ago

    well toast is now 1000 dollars richer

  28. nothing
    4 days ago

    6:06 “All that UKwill videos that just film all the people cooking and get the ad revenue and make MORE money than the actual people cooking their food? That’s CAPTIALISM” LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  29. Ghg Ghfhu
    Ghg Ghfhu
    4 days ago

    Bruh because of the youtube title. I remembered 2 girls 1 cup

  30. TheLivinTomb
    4 days ago

    i see

  31. Rimanda
    4 days ago

    Just realised offline tv is now fully asian lmao

    1. Landon Smithport
      Landon Smithport
      Day ago

      @watermalan yeah she's african

    2. Ahnji
      Day ago

      watermalan she’s not

    3. watermalan
      4 days ago

      I don't think poki is asian, but I could be wrong

  32. JeffDaCrow
    4 days ago

    0/10 video 2 guys like 4 tacos disapointed

  33. Rainbow Love
    Rainbow Love
    4 days ago

    He won the bet

  34. NotSoBasic Muffin
    NotSoBasic Muffin
    4 days ago


  35. Arkanoid 000
    Arkanoid 000
    4 days ago


  36. Johan Mendez
    Johan Mendez
    4 days ago

    LMFAO this is the new content, love it

  37. Hxpe
    5 days ago

    This vlog made me sleep

  38. Kayano / ラタエ
    Kayano / ラタエ
    5 days ago

    Hey I think I've seen this title before.

  39. tacotostado
    5 days ago

    she prefers starbucks instead of tacos? I feel ofended

  40. mani Tlacotia
    mani Tlacotia
    5 days ago

    Hey man enjoy "the good days of otv" keep up the good content

  41. Mr X
    Mr X
    5 days ago

    Is toast still making videos?

    1. a B
      a B
      5 days ago

      I found out that he uploads on his second channel less than a minute

    2. a B
      a B
      5 days ago

      Idk I came to see why he isn’t

  42. Destiny
    5 days ago

    I wish I could live this life. Eat fun and tasty foods every week, have fun in a big house. Yet here I am, in a small house, eating Air fried nuggets and Corndogs. I'll get there eventually, anyways great video!

  43. hitsy
    5 days ago

    So where is your 1000$

  44. Ayush Parameswaran
    Ayush Parameswaran
    5 days ago

    Nice reference dude.

  45. Izipunn
    5 days ago

    can you play tft again

  46. minerliton
    5 days ago

    9:48 how dare toast look down onto homeless people

  47. CardMaster
    6 days ago

    Quick question Toast, did you get you're $1,000?

  48. Gio
    6 days ago

    Can you please play Mini Motorways ! ?

  49. JameZ
    6 days ago

    2.5/10 not enough tacos

  50. ImHars
    6 days ago

    I see the refrence.... And i do not like it...

  51. Coochie Man
    Coochie Man
    6 days ago

    Just as god intended before he invented fire

  52. Normal Human
    Normal Human
    6 days ago

    9:04 "you need a fork?" "Ah yes please" I have many questions. Why would you offer someone a fork to eat ice cream? Why would they say yes? Why am I cursed with living on this forsaken planet only to lack the courage needed to escape? Life's great mysteries.

    1. albert _the_cool
      albert _the_cool
      3 days ago

      @Normal Human ah yes the average normal human being, I really like where this is going but not in a weird way or anything, cause Im myself not weird and Im pretty normal too

    2. Normal Human
      Normal Human
      3 days ago

      @albert _the_cool well of course because I am a very normal very not-suspicious human of course.

    3. albert _the_cool
      albert _the_cool
      3 days ago

      why Is your name Normal Human why am I even wasting my time commenting

  53. Patrick
    6 days ago

    Title reminds me of 2 girls 1 cup

  54. A.Misguided Ghost
    A.Misguided Ghost
    7 days ago

    "I hate this guy and his dumb tacos" - A starbucks-deprived Miyoung, 2020

  55. Radio Assassin
    Radio Assassin
    7 days ago

    Why does masked toast sound like Homer Simpson

  56. Zoro follower
    Zoro follower
    7 days ago

    Why lily seem rude when he ask about the light?😅

  57. Syjan Nunag
    Syjan Nunag
    7 days ago

    idk why but when i started to like watch toast when he like cuts yknow that guy saying "duisguised toast" i don't hear that i hear "this guy is toast" which i think is really funny because the guy said it like toast was about to get toasted 🤣

  58. Ajre2307
    7 days ago

    "That’s capitalism" My boy toast spitting facts

  59. Angie Ietto
    Angie Ietto
    7 days ago

    is minyoug wendy?

    1. J. Т.
      J. Т.
      7 days ago

      Miyoung = Kkatamina Wendy = Natsumiii

  60. Jonathan Wright
    Jonathan Wright
    7 days ago

    actually 2 guys eight tacos.

  61. Bloo Jay133
    Bloo Jay133
    8 days ago

    Toast? Where’s your new video? You used to upload daily. I want to see more vlogging or gaming content. Maybe Minecraft. Don’t stop making videos!

  62. Killer Queen
    Killer Queen
    8 days ago

    Wtf ? 3.5M subscribers? He stopped hearthstone to become an among us UKwillr?

    1. asdfasdfasdf
      7 days ago

      he stopped among us like a month ago

    8 days ago

    Good reference to the 2 girls 1 cup vid

  64. Key Dem
    Key Dem
    8 days ago

    2:56 lily : Oh Hi! welcome to my vlog.. so im buying... Toast : OUR VLOG (USSR anthem playing)

  65. Johnpaulandrei Dechavez
    Johnpaulandrei Dechavez
    8 days ago

    Miyoung is just like Jeannie from mxr plays

  66. VividLight
    8 days ago

    Everytime Toast's face moves I think about when he said "I love bitches!"

  67. Pheonix
    8 days ago

    michael scolding lily then messes up LOL

  68. namekca _
    namekca _
    8 days ago

    Me wondering why I clicked on this video at 3:00 am

    9 days ago

    2:57 agreed, comrade

  70. Isaac Axisa
    Isaac Axisa
    9 days ago


  71. Tanima Hossain
    Tanima Hossain
    9 days ago

    The title should have been "I won 1000 bucks just by uploading this"

  72. Miguel Felix
    Miguel Felix
    9 days ago

    I've never had tacos but damn i want some now.

  73. Denise schilling
    Denise schilling
    9 days ago

    2 guys 1 jar was more entertaining

  74. Ethan Plush
    Ethan Plush
    9 days ago

    He quit yt?

  75. None Yon
    None Yon
    9 days ago

    id like to see toast do more taco reviews

  76. Qual X
    Qual X
    9 days ago

    Toast where are you, you good? Havent uploaded.

  77. Sean Rey
    Sean Rey
    9 days ago

    Lily I have to go and release my s*** michael:Taco? Toast:Taco?

  78. •×Drakenו
    9 days ago

    "2 guys 1 taco", does that not remind you of sumn phychopath??? Or is it just me??????????

  79. •shiro senpai•
    •shiro senpai•
    10 days ago

    "Let's taco bout it'

  80. Malcolm Doige
    Malcolm Doige
    10 days ago


  81. Nezudough
    10 days ago

    This is the moment where Disguised Toast became a Vlogging channel

  82. Shadowkillr 20k
    Shadowkillr 20k
    10 days ago

    OUT VLOG communism

  83. Novastriker
    10 days ago

    Toasts easiest 1000 bucks ever

  84. Karnagie
    10 days ago

    $950 for a single shirt. I wish i had that kinda money.

  85. Minjae Kwon
    Minjae Kwon
    10 days ago

    The classy curve advantageously cheat because ornament realistically destroy without a devilish half-brother. penitent, disillusioned dash

  86. sofia abas
    sofia abas
    10 days ago

    the title reminds me of luka magnota

  87. Winderps
    11 days ago

    toast where the hell did you go I need more daily big brain content

  88. Sad Sewer Rat
    Sad Sewer Rat
    11 days ago

    I love you

  89. Pacifist
    11 days ago

    3:09 first time I saw miyoungs eyes. They look like gojo's eyes.

  90. tomer s
    tomer s
    11 days ago

    easiest 1000 bucks ever

  91. destinitra
    11 days ago

    Pershlaps. Miyoung is so cute. 💗

    12 days ago

    who will win

  93. Eggs n Cheese
    Eggs n Cheese
    12 days ago

    I'm betting toast uploaded this just to spite lily.

  94. Crab Mentality
    Crab Mentality
    12 days ago

    I’m betting 1 million dollars that this channel is dead forever

  95. Sub :D
    Sub :D
    12 days ago

    This guy fell off

  96. Andrew
    12 days ago

    Where's his 1000

  97. Dirtbike_rider10
    13 days ago

    I am going to why on every single video you upload until you start playing among us again I literally can function

  98. rickynotplayin
    13 days ago

    Is this the Grove

  99. Shreyas Sinha
    Shreyas Sinha
    13 days ago

    I miss when this channel uploaded fun content literally daily

  100. Scrubz_Ben
    13 days ago

    On my life bro I can smell the tacos I can smell all the food