[1289] This Lock Is Indisputably “Pickproof”

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  1. LockPickingLawyer
    Month ago

    For those of you who missed out on the last round of Lishi tools and Covert Companions over on www.covertinstruments.com, I thought you might like to know that we’re now accepting a limited number of preorders on the next batches, which are currently in production. Order now and you can avoid the rush when they arrive. 👍

    1. John Schmidt
      John Schmidt
      Day ago

      Someone that actually used indisputed correctly. Nice.

    2. Joe Earls
      Joe Earls
      5 days ago

      This by far Isn’t click bait!!! I have ordered multiple times and received everything that I have ordered. As far as I’m concerned and I’ve been to a lot of luck picking tools he has the best around. Thank you LPL

    3. Amac 4691
      Amac 4691
      17 days ago

      LPL can you guide me to a video or explain what dropping into a false set thank good video as always

    4. Ֆyntaxつelta
      19 days ago

      What was that very first piece of metal that fell out whilst using the follower as you slid the core out?

    5. Bunny Rabbit
      Bunny Rabbit
      29 days ago

      Hello LPL. I have a KABA LORI high security deadbolt that was made 30 years ago. I don't know if you have tackled one of these, but if so, could you comment on its' effectiveness?

  2. Not A Clever Man
    Not A Clever Man
    4 hours ago

    Every time I see your disassembly videos I am always interested in the reassembly process. As a service tech on small machinery I know that the disassembly is the easy part and the reassembly is where the real frustration comes in.

  3. Flustered Weasel
    Flustered Weasel
    12 hours ago

    Damn. Fucking roasted. Proper noun, not adjective.

  4. MirroredWinds
    Day ago

    Now that. That's the long LPL con. All this time leading up for the ultimate clickbait title, a lock that he finally couldn't pick. In the first few seconds you find you've been decieved. The lock picking lawyer cannot be defeated by mortal locks and he toys with your philosophical deception. out in the dark... you hear a noise, maybe it was inside your own head but could it be?... a click out of one?

  5. YulieArt
    Day ago

    Company: write it on the boxes: "This lock is indisputably picproof" - LockPickingLawyer Marketing: But sir, he said "pickproof". Yea we are chinese, little typo will nobody surprise.

    2 days ago

    Why does this look so easy?

  7. adam9avenue
    2 days ago

    I don't plan on picking a lock anytime soon, but man you make some great videos.

  8. Arthur Curry
    Arthur Curry
    3 days ago

    "Pickable Pickproof locks are the first in a line of ironic products we have for you this year. Our next release will be double-sided one-way windows."

    4 days ago

    the way he says three is uhhh. mhmhmh yes

  10. George Wheeler
    George Wheeler
    4 days ago

    I would like to see you put them back together.

  11. J C
    J C
    4 days ago


  12. J C
    J C
    4 days ago


  13. Shannon Robson
    Shannon Robson
    4 days ago

    I have a question, you judge how to pick the lock based on the key. If you don't see a key then I'm guessing you won't know how to pick a lock like this ??

    5 days ago

    He doesn't like the person who don't lock his door 😂

  15. no/blink
    5 days ago

    Try to pick locks that are installed on a door, having one in your hand and rotating how you want is so much easier to pick with basic training..😏

  16. dubstep dubstep
    dubstep dubstep
    5 days ago

    I literally know nothing about picking locks at all but I love watching your videos they're very entertaining

  17. Dino Gerc
    Dino Gerc
    6 days ago

    LPL makes my life hopeless, lol Am running Airbnb and can't buy a good lock!

  18. Watch The Skies
    Watch The Skies
    6 days ago

    How do any of us then secure our dwellings from these characters?

  19. numbereightyseven
    6 days ago

    So, clickbait. Can't trust the title? Then I don't watch anything from that channel. That's a pity, as I've enjoyed many vids here over the years.

    1. Jordan Conery
      Jordan Conery
      5 days ago

      It wasn’t really clickbait at all get over it

  20. Flippin Random
    Flippin Random
    6 days ago

    Two of the pins are smaller than the other 3, is there a reason behind this? Is it just the first and last that are shorter because of the key insertion?

  21. Jeri Davis
    Jeri Davis
    6 days ago

    The daffy thunderstorm intringuingly command because stove positionally end plus a separate equipment. voracious, somber pelican

  22. WesSavage
    7 days ago

    "Pickproof": exists LockPickingLawyer: hold my beer.

  23. Gerg Sipatray
    Gerg Sipatray
    7 days ago

    I might just have to buy some of your special tools to play around with...I have few locks that I don't know where the keys are.

  24. diezray
    7 days ago

    Why don't you pick anything actually installed? You are palming locks instead of actually picking anything in real world conditions like an amateur.

  25. TheAdvertisement
    8 days ago

    Oh wow I've never seen the pins on a lock before, this was neat!

  26. EST VIzIONz
    8 days ago

    Imagine locking him in prison walking away and hearing ‘click out of one, nothing on two, five is binding’😂😂😂

  27. Cornbread
    8 days ago

    I've been ripped off so many times by Locksmiths who literally have told me,well what else you gonna do..I've wanted to become a locksmith so I can help people and not rip them off.Im so tired of hearing the stories about people with little money being ripped off..How would I go about becoming a locksmith, its something I'd really enjoy doing.Is there a school?

  28. NeedSolsa HD
    NeedSolsa HD
    8 days ago

    I wonder if from a picker’s perspective if there will ever be a single lock that is unpickable,,

  29. Zach Brown
    Zach Brown
    8 days ago

    i thought this was CERTAINLY going to be SMH’s lock!

  30. Untitled
    9 days ago

    "Is this lock pickproof?" LPL: "Well yes, but actually no."

    1. Untitled
      7 days ago

      @Ledo what's cringe about a goat and a gay pride flag in the background?

    2. Untitled
      7 days ago

      @Ledo so?

    3. Ledo
      7 days ago

      cringe pfp

  31. BANDIT 1
    BANDIT 1
    9 days ago

    I bet 500 dollars my cutting torch can pick any lock faster than you

  32. Derek Farley
    Derek Farley
    9 days ago

    When "Pickproof with a capital P" is an insult.

  33. Jay Dice
    Jay Dice
    9 days ago

    Where is a video where you talk about binding and false set. I think I know what you mean but some more details would be nice.

  34. Trey Davis
    Trey Davis
    10 days ago

    Can lockpicking lawyer make a lock do good even he can't pick it?

  35. DoctorX17
    10 days ago

    I feel like calling your lock or lock company "Pickproof" is just _asking_ for trouble, no matter how good your locks are

  36. Robert Allison
    Robert Allison
    10 days ago

    Why do u show people how to STEAL!!!

  37. Nicholas Hill
    Nicholas Hill
    10 days ago

    you sometimes sound like a dentist

  38. Stalker
    10 days ago

    had me in the first half ngl

  39. Alaskan49th state
    Alaskan49th state
    10 days ago

    If you were to make a lock pick proof would you make it?

  40. Harry Peetou
    Harry Peetou
    10 days ago

    The squealing february fundamentally slap because turn mainly deceive sans a friendly pizza. addicted, modern crop

  41. Ulrich
    10 days ago

    Heard during the Purge at someone's front door..."Nothing on 1,2,3,4...5 is binding"

  42. Erik S
    Erik S
    11 days ago

    This must have been 20 seconds of pure terror for Pickproof's CEO: .. binding, something on 2, that feels set, little click ... LPL: "folks, this lock doesn't live up to its name"

  43. Nick Babiarz
    Nick Babiarz
    11 days ago

    What was the last lock that actually gave you a real challenge?

  44. Modern Rogue на русском — Типичный Негодяй
    Modern Rogue на русском — Типичный Негодяй
    11 days ago

    LockPickingLawyer: Creates "Pickproof?" thumbnail Also LockPickingLawyer: *uploads 5 min. video* Me: yeah, sure

  45. Insight2
    11 days ago

    Lock Propulsion Laboratory- LPL

  46. Insight2
    11 days ago

    The founder of Picking Industry- LPL

  47. ScapularBore
    12 days ago

    I used a dimple rake and had it open easy.

  48. Key Masta
    Key Masta
    12 days ago

    It is obvious that lock makers have always collaborated with thieves by producing locks that can be opened after a short training. The best lock is one that is difficult to open even with a key. Unfortunately, most users do not have the ability to modify their locks and make them unpickable and are doomed to being robbed.

  49. FIlho Da Puta
    FIlho Da Puta
    12 days ago

    I would rather my lockpick not have "PICKPROOF" written on it, probably not a good idea to taunt lockpickers.

  50. Tht1Gy
    12 days ago

    Ya, OK, this guy has great skill. But does he have to such a smug prick about it?

  51. Charles Hess
    Charles Hess
    13 days ago

    When are you going to become the safe cracking lawyer?

  52. Lee Ward
    Lee Ward
    13 days ago

    had me in the first half not gonna lie.

  53. Jhenbo B
    Jhenbo B
    13 days ago

    So-can all locks be picked? Might be interesting to see them!

  54. Coach Men
    Coach Men
    13 days ago

    Wow ! 3 mill sub. I first found lock-picking lawyer we back at 200,000ish.

  55. EvanCG Productions
    EvanCG Productions
    13 days ago

    The man's a fucking god

  56. Evan Janse
    Evan Janse
    14 days ago

    God bless, Jesus loves you guys

  57. Witten Henderson
    Witten Henderson
    14 days ago

    This guy would make James Bond look like a chump. Someone put him in a mission impossible movie

  58. milan vlds
    milan vlds
    14 days ago

    well, it is technically a pickproof lock

  59. Luscious3174
    14 days ago

    This video is indisputably click-bait

  60. boosted saleen
    boosted saleen
    14 days ago

    This guy gives me the vibe of Jerry Rig Every thing which is cool one destroy locks and the other cell phones. Lol

  61. George Marques
    George Marques
    14 days ago

    I wouldn't like to have this in my door. "Pickproof" sounds way too much like a challenge and would rather have people not trying to pick my door lock.

  62. Tmanaz480
    14 days ago

    The Stuff lock episode is here: ukwill.info/window/qZbfYXZyl6mCxIg/video

  63. Catman
    14 days ago

    These fancy locks are nothing compared to old locks that don't work unless u give it a nodge or two and still might not work and you'd be stuck outside for hours

  64. Wirewelding 2016
    Wirewelding 2016
    14 days ago

    You sound like a f**king dentist

  65. Jake Peterson
    Jake Peterson
    15 days ago

    I felt like I went to the dentist

  66. Happy Slappy
    Happy Slappy
    15 days ago

    I love hearing you say "nothing on one, two, etc" even though I have little idea what you're referring to XD

  67. iRifat
    15 days ago

    i want a lock @UCm9K6rby98W8JigLoZOh6FQ proof :D

  68. William Sauls
    William Sauls
    15 days ago

    Rolling for the first 45 seconds lmaooo

  69. ShowTimeWithBrandon
    15 days ago

    I would love to see him design a lock that not even he can pick

    1. Alex NutCasio
      Alex NutCasio
      13 days ago

      He didn’t design it, but he can’t get into a Bowley.

  70. Captain Everything
    Captain Everything
    15 days ago

    Kind of the first click bate for the channel. Congrats

  71. Ethan Wheeler
    Ethan Wheeler
    15 days ago

    This man could pick open the lock on the gates to heaven in 5 minutes flat

    1. Patrick Henry
      Patrick Henry
      14 days ago

      The joke would be on him-those doors are always open to those who wish to enter.

  72. koudacyen
    15 days ago

    This really reminds me of being at the dentist

  73. Shitposting Matters
    Shitposting Matters
    15 days ago

    Clickbait. >:(

  74. William Jones
    William Jones
    15 days ago

    What is proof this is an above average lock is that it took him longer than 1:46 to open it.

  75. 469steven
    16 days ago

    This is ridiculous... I love it so interesting

  76. Andygeofri
    16 days ago

    dang clickbait titles.. I knew it wasn't pickproof!

  77. Ben Phartine
    Ben Phartine
    16 days ago

    I would love to see a diagram that shows how that lock works.

  78. LordPadriac
    16 days ago

    Since finding this channel I find myself wondering why I even bother locking my front door. I mean what's the point really?

  79. welsh kraken
    welsh kraken
    16 days ago

    one day someone will have a brain and make a decent lock...

  80. Patrice Colas
    Patrice Colas
    16 days ago

    It seems all locks can be picked. The main flaw I see is that the keyhole is exposed. If a disk style barrel was used with a steel cover over the hole, no available tools could provide entry. The disk key would also have to be on a 90 degree angle like the Z bar to reduce the gap between the cover and the lock. The motion to unlock the door would be like using an allen key.

  81. Don Surlylyte
    Don Surlylyte
    16 days ago

    This lock is in. Disputably pickproof.

  82. Phaedrus Smith
    Phaedrus Smith
    16 days ago

    I'm not sure "above average" means what I think it means anymore.

  83. Nitsujima
    16 days ago

    Company: Spends years designing “A ‘Pickproof’ Lock” Locksmith: Picks the lock in 60 seconds and only going slowly so he can narrate his every move to us. (Probably could do it in 30-45 seconds if he was actually trying to break into something)

  84. H MR
    H MR
    16 days ago

    Pickproofs huh? We'll put their name to the test!

  85. Philipp M.
    Philipp M.
    16 days ago

    Are you actually a Lawyer....? 😅🙈

  86. iLLeag7e
    16 days ago

    LockPickingLawyer has such a soothing tone to his videos. He's the Bob Ross of breaking in to your shit.

    1. fourtrifiveO
      Day ago

      "..a little bit of movement at 3, got one on 2, and this house just got a happy little accident."

    2. SacredSecrecy
      2 days ago

      I wonder if him and JerryRigEverything are related...

    3. The soviet onion lol
      The soviet onion lol
      9 days ago

      @Imperial Phoenix *PULLS OUT .50 WITH API*

    4. GamerDrive
      10 days ago

      Rob Boss even.

    5. iLLeag7e
      11 days ago

      @Deas Deaser LockPickingLawyer used "Happy little raker tool" it was super effective

  87. J. Jason Santilli
    J. Jason Santilli
    16 days ago

    I got one question..... which one of your clients got you started....lol

  88. Reddawn 2020
    Reddawn 2020
    16 days ago

    Pickproof they say. Twenty seconds later the guts are laying in LPL pin tray.

  89. Michael Fletcher
    Michael Fletcher
    16 days ago

    How to make a unpickable lock don't tell people it unpickable then lockpickinglawyer will not prove you wrong

  90. beetmasteraz
    17 days ago

    if 80s and 90s movies taught me anything, its don't trust a company that names itself to imply being good or the best. They're usually a super villain. Or papa John's. Of which who's slogan made me never buy from them.

  91. jerckï72
    17 days ago

    hey it's not so bad

  92. Vince Styles
    Vince Styles
    17 days ago

    I wish you had a clear lock to actually see what your doing

  93. MobileCrusader
    17 days ago

    A respectable pick time!

  94. Lard
    17 days ago

    I think it’s safe to say we got baited

  95. Shaeel Mohammed
    Shaeel Mohammed
    17 days ago

    It's all fun and games until your home alone and hear. *Nothing on 4........5 is binding..... nice click out of 6.*

  96. Crazy Ivan
    Crazy Ivan
    17 days ago

    Give this dude like some microsurgery operation to do. I bet he will do it blind... Greetings from Poland :)

  97. Alessio M
    Alessio M
    17 days ago

    If a lock has "pickproof" stamped I'm gonna study it and ask the owner the permission to pick it.

  98. FreezyHD
    17 days ago

    *this lock is unpickable* LPL- "and I took that personally"

  99. Paul H
    Paul H
    17 days ago

    LPL rarely clickbaits you, and when he does it's totally worth it.

    1. a youtube HO gotz'ta eat TOO
      a youtube HO gotz'ta eat TOO
      13 days ago

      oh, yeah ! definitely worth it - EVERYTIME..!

    2. Arcti Cacti
      Arcti Cacti
      15 days ago

      Well at least the video is what the title promised

  100. Trillionaire CEO
    Trillionaire CEO
    17 days ago

    One day LPL will come across a lock that is absolutely unpickable