FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN' mod EVIL Boyfriend vs Corrupt Daddy Dearest FINAL BATTLE!

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FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN' mod EVIL Boyfriend vs Corrupt Daddy Dearest FINAL BATTLE!

This fnf week 7 mod adds a creepy lemon demon version of the bf as well as the gf from the new week 5 christmas update. This is the finale of the battle against the dad!

This stage is a part of the EVIL mod / Corruption mod which I am developing.
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This is part 3! Go watch part 1 and 2 here:

It's all come down to this...

The download will be available once the mod is completed!

NEW SONG ('Deathmatch') by: Saruky \u0026 DatDavi! (The video!) (Instrumental Video) (Instrumental SC)

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Mod + Art: PhantomFear
My twitter: @PhantomFearOP (some of you were asking for it)
Saruky's Twitter: Saruky__
Davi's Twitter: dat_davi​
Background by PincerProd:
Mapping by cval:
FNFBot by: KadeDev (Github)

The support on these videos has been insane! Thank you everyone!
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  1. Craig Smith
    Craig Smith
    4 minutes ago

    the last hope is the mods, if it popular it'll outspeed the corruption

  2. FraternityOfArt
    5 minutes ago

    It would have been nice to see some type of effect on the boyfriend with his beginning singing cause it sounded more...crying out for helpy? Only for his corruption to kick back in when he starts singing normally again

  3. xXotakuxX hola baby 7W7
    xXotakuxX hola baby 7W7
    9 minutes ago

    2:08 re f

  4. Fun-Sized whitty
    Fun-Sized whitty
    22 minutes ago

    Almost 300K :0

  5. Miles Bell
    Miles Bell
    23 minutes ago

    Don't forget tankman

  6. UwU
    31 minute ago

    when I think about it everyone in the world is corrupted they just start their own friendly civilization with each other it's basically the human race started over

  7. 1C vega cure Josué Emilio
    1C vega cure Josué Emilio
    32 minutes ago

    when the corruption mod comes out, I already want to play it alone and the demo

  8. Amogus √
    Amogus √
    42 minutes ago

    Fun fact: if you pay attention to the background you can see corrupted whitty

  9. Sourkids 767
    Sourkids 767
    Hour ago

    when week 7 comes tankman will save everyone

  10. Jangar N
    Jangar N
    Hour ago

    theres one more left its Whitty To save the world

    1. Ryan Nam
      Ryan Nam
      Hour ago

      Whitty is a mod and he is NOT canon in this corruption mod i will say it again FOR THE LAST TIME MODS ARE NOT CANON IN THE CORRUPTION MOD for fucks sake

  11. Martin ignacio Does stuff
    Martin ignacio Does stuff
    Hour ago

    Where's tankman

  12. Digital Sunrise
    Digital Sunrise
    Hour ago

    Sad and cool thing to see at the same time

  13. PsychoHerobrine
    Hour ago

    Ngl i wanna play the charting on Daddy Dearest side, his looks exciting the fun. If there is a mod for this I'll 100% play it cuz the music is also givin' me funkin' boss battle vibes

  14. Cleveland Goolsby
    Cleveland Goolsby
    Hour ago

    He only started getting corrupted because mommy mearest made him let his guard down

  15. SS OCHOA
    Hour ago

    Idk why its so sad :(

  16. 아깅이몬
    Hour ago

    Pate 4....pls...

  17. Elias Andre Fiestas Díaz
    Elias Andre Fiestas Díaz
    Hour ago

    The only Cure,Is the Death

  18. Wilder Alonso Quispe Villavicencio
    Wilder Alonso Quispe Villavicencio
    Hour ago

    Me encanta esta parte 2:52

  19. Wilder Alonso Quispe Villavicencio
    Wilder Alonso Quispe Villavicencio
    Hour ago

    Creo que en el principio dice al fin la destrucción ha hegado

  20. Copy Cat
    Copy Cat
    Hour ago

    This seemed more of a boss fight to Dad than it was for the corruptions. Maybe there will bee more help from outside sources to defeat the corrupted characters?

  21. TheSnivy55 Gamer
    TheSnivy55 Gamer
    Hour ago

    something makes me feel that we are going to have a BF vs The Corruption or something

  22. Logan Beatty
    Logan Beatty
    Hour ago

    Ya know Skid and Pump seem to be enjoying the whole corruption thing they're going off

  23. Martin Puentes Parada Home School
    Martin Puentes Parada Home School
    Hour ago

    ¿ A question because everyone is corrupt if there is tank left, I mean, the menu for week 7 would be missing to fight or someone else will delete it and I don't want to sleep I want answers>: V

  24. VSCO Memer
    VSCO Memer
    Hour ago

    He corrupted Papa Deer omg cancelled1!1!1!1!1!1!1

  25. DG12
    2 hours ago

    2:09 this was the best so far, change my mind

  26. Corrupt mod is cool
    Corrupt mod is cool
    2 hours ago

    Ngl this song never gets old.

  27. Sans exe Loquendero y FNF
    Sans exe Loquendero y FNF
    2 hours ago

    Now i got skid pump mom pico and bf sprites i only need Dads Sprites

  28. Luckily_Store•
    2 hours ago

    4:01 Omg this is so EXPIREDDDDDD

  29. enoewhispers
    2 hours ago

    :2.58 is a buetiful sound

  30. DiegoGamerXD XD
    DiegoGamerXD XD
    2 hours ago

    I think that the only thing that can stop the crupttion is SHAGGY🤔

    1. Ryan Nam
      Ryan Nam
      Hour ago

      Shaggy is a mod and he is not canon in the corruption mod dude

    2. DiegoGamerXD XD
      DiegoGamerXD XD
      2 hours ago

      Also this song is lit

    3. DiegoGamerXD XD
      DiegoGamerXD XD
      2 hours ago

      Shaggy we need YOU

  31. TheGlitchyFox
    2 hours ago


  32. Tord
    2 hours ago


    1. ItsPrisma
      47 minutes ago

      Because you're not canon smh

  33. F Fx2
    F Fx2
    2 hours ago

    I have a theorie Daddy was capable of uncorrupting himself, but when he saw his wife he lost the control. Maybe daddy gave mommy the power and mommy is in process of uncorrutping

  34. Me llamo Neoplays
    Me llamo Neoplays
    3 hours ago

    1:26 let's play! let's play! to look for a savior you have to find him anyway That a bit Letters I imagine lol

  35. Agustin Peña
    Agustin Peña
    3 hours ago

    When I saw the video I saw it and I was surprised by the end, the animation was very good

  36. ghost mask
    ghost mask
    3 hours ago

    I don't know why some meco monkeys singing is very epic but oh this

  37. Matheo Lai
    Matheo Lai
    3 hours ago

    did anyone realise that there was a sound that sounded like senpai screaming for a sec?

    1. Miguel R.M
      Miguel R.M
      Hour ago

      @Matheo Lai That's just the music-

    2. Matheo Lai
      Matheo Lai
      3 hours ago

      timestamp 2:38

  38. Yudelka Nova
    Yudelka Nova
    3 hours ago


  39. clarkッYT
    3 hours ago

    What about shaggy

    1. Miguel R.M
      Miguel R.M
      Hour ago

      mods won't happen

    2. Santiago Mardones Ortiz
      Santiago Mardones Ortiz
      3 hours ago


  40. Guest 666
    Guest 666
    3 hours ago

    *_But aren't MM,GF and DD demons? Because if it looks like it,the corruption is a devil_*

  41. Bri Playz
    Bri Playz
    3 hours ago

    im surprised a fly didnt go in the dads mouth with how long its been open

  42. Kheng Driz
    Kheng Driz
    3 hours ago

    poor spooky boyz.

  43. José Luis
    José Luis
    3 hours ago

    otrooo final o almenos que bf pelee a si mismo o que sus amigos tengan una parte no corrupta y pelen con bf

    1. Miguel R.M
      Miguel R.M
      Hour ago


    2. José Luis
      José Luis
      3 hours ago

      pero sus amigos estan mas debiles

  44. Bravuton39
    4 hours ago

    I have a feeling that either boyfriend is gonna break free from the corruption, or the boyfriend in Hating Simulator was the real one. For the first option, during his turns in the song, he's glowing white all over his body. His eyes are white too. For the second, the real one was put into the game to find Senpai and ask him to help end the corruption, but when he found him, the corrupted version sent a virus in the game, which made boyfriend look like a living glitch and crash the game, along with deleting Senpai.

  45. D Mittleman
    D Mittleman
    4 hours ago


  46. Angel gael Hernandez Guzman
    Angel gael Hernandez Guzman
    4 hours ago

    This shoudlve been the end, now hes just milking the series

  47. Tanjiro. Kamado
    Tanjiro. Kamado
    4 hours ago

    Pico s the mom and the spooky kids was the best

  48. Ronald gameplay 741 YT Huamayalli
    Ronald gameplay 741 YT Huamayalli
    4 hours ago


  49. Axorandom
    4 hours ago

    This song is just the fact that teamwork makes the dreamwork

  50. no longer a thing
    no longer a thing
    4 hours ago

    I bet that boyfriends soul is still is the game and that he escapes the game coming back to finsh this once and for all

  51. Blanca Córdoba
    Blanca Córdoba
    4 hours ago

    Me da pena😟

  52. Blanca Córdoba
    Blanca Córdoba
    4 hours ago

    Hay pobresito dadi dires😔

  53. Pikapi
    4 hours ago

    Ummmm what about tankman?

  54. Cristian Almanzar
    Cristian Almanzar
    4 hours ago

    when will the mod be out

    1. Miguel R.M
      Miguel R.M
      Hour ago

      when it's finished

  55. Ozerite
    4 hours ago

    What happens if you fail as Pico, Skid and Pump, And Mommy Mearest?

  56. Jacob Burcea
    Jacob Burcea
    4 hours ago

    DD:me gud Everyone: FU

  57. ADRIAN_KILL112
    5 hours ago

    Dad se puso God y se peleo contra 4 al mismo tiempo es todo un crack

  58. Вячеслав Устинов
    Вячеслав Устинов
    5 hours ago

    Next part tankmen please

  59. FOOF
    5 hours ago

    And then there were two,Tankman and senpai

  60. Humble 2
    Humble 2
    5 hours ago

    And this is probably the most funky song in the corruption mod

  61. Sleepy Weeb
    Sleepy Weeb
    5 hours ago

    joke theory: beta boyfriend will save the world since his icons aren't corrupted

    1. Santiago Mardones Ortiz
      Santiago Mardones Ortiz
      3 hours ago


  62. Nadia Gómez
    Nadia Gómez
    5 hours ago

    For when the nex part comes out

  63. Antron Causey
    Antron Causey
    6 hours ago

    skid goes 3d

  64. Lil- Rabby-Rabbit-205
    Lil- Rabby-Rabbit-205
    6 hours ago

    Wait everyone had to stop him like everyone so how strong is daddy dearest?

  65. Somerandomguy
    6 hours ago

    Tank man is next

  66. show4game
    6 hours ago

    Who else noticed corrupted whitty Infront of daddy dearest head if you focus on background it's the one with an X eyes

    1. Santiago Mardones Ortiz
      Santiago Mardones Ortiz
      3 hours ago

      Well, whitty was going to have a official corrupted mod

  67. ErenSans99
    6 hours ago

    Since mods won't be included i still wanna do a list of mods i think would/would not win the corruption (reply if you're curious about my thought process for the characters) Wins the corruption: Shaggy Tricky Whitty (if condition A (corrupted Carol and Hex) is absent) Agoti (close call though) Gets Corrupted Hex Carol Sarvente Ruv Matt Tord Tabi Sky (if i think of other characters I'll edit the comment)

  68. teamfelifloo1007 rojas
    teamfelifloo1007 rojas
    6 hours ago

    this mod please make good ending

  69. [TGG✓]TheGoldGuy!
    6 hours ago

    Thats Evil BF face? I mean the BF of sempai's Game.

  70. Vegito Blue
    Vegito Blue
    6 hours ago

    Guys, i have a theory. Maybe Daddy Dearest lost because the TRUE one to end is BF. He has to end the corruption, and get everyone back.

  71. Joseph Torres
    Joseph Torres
    7 hours ago

    Pobre dad

  72. Missed Note
    Missed Note
    7 hours ago

    I like how daddy dearest starts falling when he sees his own wife, corrupted by this mess, realising that he may not see her again.

  73. •Paula Corazon•
    •Paula Corazon•
    7 hours ago


  74. ꧁Lemon Demon꧂
    ꧁Lemon Demon꧂
    7 hours ago

    *Boyfriend, you impressed me, good job :D*

    1. Tribow rainbow
      Tribow rainbow
      6 hours ago


  75. szymon pach
    szymon pach
    7 hours ago

    frist and last song are best

  76. Jhon Abanto
    Jhon Abanto
    7 hours ago

    1:27 skid y pump infectados

  77. fire fox
    fire fox
    8 hours ago

    Make next tank man pls

  78. hola gentesoypro
    hola gentesoypro
    8 hours ago

    dad has time to fight back probably?

  79. Riki Fortuno
    Riki Fortuno
    8 hours ago

    Someone put it on 0x25 speed try it I'm serious it's kinda creepy

  80. •SonGokuNivel YT OwO•
    •SonGokuNivel YT OwO•
    8 hours ago

    BAD ENDING? :o

  81. YehudiNimol
    8 hours ago

    His eyes stopped glowing once he saw his wife... Man why are you making me feel this

  82. TBIOfrags
    8 hours ago

    Idea: Are you gonna do viewers for this that would be sick

    1. TBIOfrags
      8 hours ago

      The channel profiles btw

  83. T _ N i c k
    T _ N i c k
    8 hours ago

    We don't deserve you

  84. douglas alpha
    douglas alpha
    8 hours ago

    The voice the spooky kids is so cool

  85. Martha N.
    Martha N.
    8 hours ago

    l noticed that song has 607 notes edit 1:it has 627

  86. Kisame  To lucky
    Kisame To lucky
    8 hours ago

    I think I saw witty in the background by DD with the x mark on his left eye 😬

    1. SmugDance Is playing
      SmugDance Is playing
      6 hours ago


  87. 8PlaysBit
    8 hours ago

    Lemon demon? tankman

  88. YG animates
    YG animates
    8 hours ago

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    1. SmugDance Is playing
      SmugDance Is playing
      6 hours ago

      How many Brazil flags exist?

  89. enoewhispers
    8 hours ago

    His music never gets old

  90. vanyk B.M.G
    vanyk B.M.G
    9 hours ago

    This is amazing

  91. Cam'ron
    9 hours ago

    an idea in week 6 we see bf's soul being put into the game. by who? we don't know, but it couldn't have been the corruption, because even though we SEE the corruption speaking, why would it consiously make that decision? no matter who did, this means that if the game world WASN'T destroyed, maybe his soul is inside the game, and this is purely the corruption. it makes sense, because everyone else he's fought, he's sung a portion of their song, EXCEPT when fighting daddy dearest. maybe the real bf is still in there, and took control of his corrupted body, since it's no longer focused on him.

  92. lemon demon gameplays y mas✓
    lemon demon gameplays y mas✓
    9 hours ago

    Alguien que hable español aqui

    1. alejandro balandrano
      alejandro balandrano
      7 hours ago


  93. Dominga Gonzalez Marcelino
    Dominga Gonzalez Marcelino
    9 hours ago

    Porfa que ya saque la parte final

  94. Dragonite 12134
    Dragonite 12134
    9 hours ago

    Probably the end will be in the mini of BF to defeat corrupted BF and then a fight with all again to uncorrupt them 🤔

  95. weeb
    9 hours ago

    this charting looks absolutely amazing, but there are some parts that sound like they're missing arrows. edit: also, i just realized that evil BF is actually his christmas sprite, as you can still see his hood. i wonder what really happened at that mall.

  96. Kevin Gabriel
    Kevin Gabriel
    9 hours ago

    I dont know why but with skid pump and daddy dearest every song sounds perfect

  97. sprinkfoxy8
    9 hours ago

    Dad be like: you're the last one, complete the misson

    1. Itachi
      9 hours ago

      The thing is he didn’t tho

  98. Dantescooby_l
    9 hours ago

    I wonder if dad with his magic broke the wall making other corrupted to get in and help boy

  99. m m
    m m
    9 hours ago

    Imagine he breaks out of the corruption near the end after moms part only to show a slideshow in the background of week 5 eggnog and something else and he immediately becomes corrupted again