They Built My Dream Guitar. It's PERFECT.

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This instrument is very special. I look forward to sharing its sounds with you for years to come. This is just the beginning for this guitar...

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  1. Music is Win
    Music is Win
    Month ago

    Thank you all so much for your support. You're THE BEST. Can't wait to share what's in store for the future, but until then... \M/

    1. Scapegoat Iscariot
      Scapegoat Iscariot
      Day ago

      That piece of ebony with the blonde streak would have gotten my attention as well. That's just beautiful. I have something similar in a rosewood fingerboard, Washburn dreadnought acoustic. It alternates dark and light and swirls from talk to bottom.

    2. R. Todd Munday
      R. Todd Munday
      21 day ago

      Just bought my first PRS single cut sc250! It was one that Paul brought to NAMM in 2000 and is the most amazing guitar I've ever bought! The #7 pickups have the meatiest tone with sustain for days!!!

    3. T.J. Honeycutt
      T.J. Honeycutt
      27 days ago


    4. T.J. Honeycutt
      T.J. Honeycutt
      27 days ago

      @أَمَوي amawi NG ZA

    5. T.J. Honeycutt
      T.J. Honeycutt
      27 days ago

      @Chickenhawk is not a chicken A

  2. Justin Time
    Justin Time
    Hour ago

    Are these like 6 k

  3. Ethan Frost
    Ethan Frost
    8 hours ago

    You have a bunch of other guitars right? Any you aren’t that attached to? I’d take any of them off your hands, any of them at all...

  4. Sam Nowland
    Sam Nowland
    15 hours ago

    Why does the sky look green?

  5. mondo galla
    mondo galla
    16 hours ago

    What a lame choice 😂 THATS your DREAM guitar? Cmon now

  6. B Smith
    B Smith
    Day ago

    Wow man. That's beautiful

  7. Scapegoat Iscariot
    Scapegoat Iscariot
    Day ago

    I'll never forget seeing a Paul Reed Smith Blue double cutaway hanging in a pawn shop for $125. I didn't know a thing about the guitar company at the time but it's beauty and iconic birds on the fretboard we're burned into my memory. I learned what it was later and realized I passed a diamond and didn't know it. I have an idea that it had some problem, maybe electrical that diminished its price so ridiculously low. For what that guitar was versus its price, almost any repair would have been worth it. I just simply didn't know what it was at the time. Otherwise, it would have been mine.

  8. moch gelvin avr
    moch gelvin avr
    Day ago


  9. Poky01
    Day ago

    What is this purple les Paul. Ha ha

  10. Brian Prather
    Brian Prather
    Day ago

    That’s probably the most beautiful guitar I’ve ever seen

  11. Otak313
    2 days ago

    That guitar case needs a case. It's much too nice to beat up.

  12. Steve Pethel
    Steve Pethel
    2 days ago

    Love that video at the vault and that top II came out beautiful...yes that inlays and inscription all make it unique 1 of a kind and having the sounds is awesomeness. Congrats

  13. Jack Chen
    Jack Chen
    2 days ago

    the fretboard is so sick.

  14. paul
    2 days ago

    anyone know what key his jam is in

  15. Marcosjohn
    3 days ago

    Very beautifull guitar i wish someday i buy guitar original

  16. Mikael Karlsso
    Mikael Karlsso
    3 days ago

    Amazing guitar!! Prince meets Les Paul😁

  17. Maccnificent
    3 days ago

    The discoloration on the neck isn't very pleasing dude

  18. K Mcd
    K Mcd
    3 days ago

    Hes my favorite innocent goober musician on the internet. That's not an insult, it's very endearing.

  19. Chad Dukes
    Chad Dukes
    4 days ago

    Tyler, you're a Raven's fan aren't you? Black or Purple...

  20. st_jaguar
    5 days ago

    Hearing him play on the guitar gave me that feeling of when an anime character unlocks a new form or ability

  21. Alex Blankenship
    Alex Blankenship
    5 days ago

    The top is breathtaking

  22. Chillz HD
    Chillz HD
    5 days ago

    The Hard Case is Nicer than the Guitar...

  23. Mike Richardson
    Mike Richardson
    5 days ago

    U can send me the PRS if its of no use to you.

  24. Mike Richardson
    Mike Richardson
    5 days ago

    But don't u play a Gibson now?

  25. BananaBolt
    6 days ago

    Oh great, another fucking PRS.

    1. I have no idea what to name myself
      I have no idea what to name myself
      3 days ago

      It’s what he likes

  26. Kenneth Honeycutt
    Kenneth Honeycutt
    6 days ago

    Congratulations man I don't know you but I feel that you really deserve that and I would consider that one hell of a trophy

  27. Mr. Anyone
    Mr. Anyone
    6 days ago

    How much did it cost? “Don’t tell mere” If you know you know😉

  28. Ajay Kumar Goel
    Ajay Kumar Goel
    6 days ago

    Is that jam in F Dorian? Also is that last chord played there the 7th, D#, as a sus4 power chord? And earlier, is the D# played as a major 7th flat five chord?

  29. Warpdroid
    7 days ago

    So, your dream guitar is like all your 100 other PRS's....... but purple?

    7 days ago


    7 days ago

    Well that looks and sounds exceptional. Well done.

  32. RH Guitar
    RH Guitar
    7 days ago

    Well deserved mate been a long time come absolutely beautiful guitar to match a brilliant mind and human thanks for all the content bro keep the inspiration coming that made me cry I’m so glad you finally got your own custom PRS

  33. Alex
    7 days ago

    Waw incredible

  34. Randy Schock
    Randy Schock
    8 days ago

    Omg. I want one.

  35. Jay Dom
    Jay Dom
    8 days ago

    4:24 fucking gorgeous color

  36. Jon Salvador
    Jon Salvador
    8 days ago

    Masks the secrets for the extra tone

  37. WilleyGHD3
    8 days ago

    AAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW SOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Darren Threinen
    Darren Threinen
    9 days ago

    It's not what I would choose, but, congrats on another free guitar!

  39. matteo krause
    matteo krause
    9 days ago

    That guitar is built different

  40. Swinglehurst Guitars
    Swinglehurst Guitars
    9 days ago

    incredible but the top colour & fingerboard really don't complement one another

  41. [OOF]Skye
    9 days ago

    Une bonne guitare de gros beauf comme on les aime !

  42. SUPERJAM144
    9 days ago

    WOW! And he can play like Buckethead!

  43. Brandon Nothwood
    Brandon Nothwood
    10 days ago

    Wish I could dislike it twice.

  44. Brandon Nothwood
    Brandon Nothwood
    10 days ago

    5:21 fuck take seven

  45. Brandon Nothwood
    Brandon Nothwood
    10 days ago

    Test 5:21

  46. rsw
    10 days ago

    Gross. You have such bad taste in colours

  47. Jason
    11 days ago

    That “of course we have” cracked me up lol

  48. Sinesta13
    11 days ago

    Awesome Axe my man!!

  49. olekurt
    12 days ago

    That lick at 5:09 is killer

  50. Rendy Andrian
    Rendy Andrian
    12 days ago

    People who have money can order any private stock that they want. But to sit with Paul himself and he writes down the spec of your private stock. I don't think most people can have that chance.

  51. Ryan Frey
    Ryan Frey
    12 days ago

    I'm so happy for ya dude. I just recently found your channel and I binge watched a ton of your vids and seeing your happiness makes me smile. gna be joining the super system in the next day or two.

  52. Lynne FTW
    Lynne FTW
    12 days ago

    Definitely not my style in color combinations (wood stains front and back), but it's cool that you got a custom guitar made for you and you make it sound great. I also do like the fret board wood you chose.

  53. Christopher Cook
    Christopher Cook
    12 days ago

    Gorgeous guitar, love the color and sound even though I’m more of an Ibanez, schecter, and fender guy

  54. Jose Blake
    Jose Blake
    12 days ago

    ugly lol

  55. Tyler d
    Tyler d
    12 days ago

    The color on that top is absolutely nutsss! Beautiful!!

  56. scissors seven
    scissors seven
    12 days ago

    i finely know what the name of this song with out any on help its AGST - Breaths after 3weeks of surtching i did it and no one help me 4:32

  57. Fortis Et liber
    Fortis Et liber
    12 days ago

    How many more guitars do you want bro seriously you are so self involved it is disgusting…

    1. Fortis Et liber
      Fortis Et liber
      3 days ago

      @I have no idea what to name myself dude shut your pie hole..

    2. I have no idea what to name myself
      I have no idea what to name myself
      3 days ago

      Dude, it’s not a group channel

  58. roolee2k
    12 days ago

    it's a Les Paul with bird inlays and hand signature from Paul himself

  59. owningall
    12 days ago

    how many dream guitars do you have lmfaooo

  60. Hunter Finlay
    Hunter Finlay
    13 days ago

    This the coolest guitar I've ever seen

  61. Lachlan McNeill
    Lachlan McNeill
    13 days ago

    Before I even watch this i know it’s gonna be a prs

  62. Oğuzhan Aldemir
    Oğuzhan Aldemir
    13 days ago

    Allahım nasip et....

  63. Robert Michaels
    Robert Michaels
    13 days ago


  64. Jo Rabe
    Jo Rabe
    13 days ago

    PRS Guitars are ugly.

    13 days ago

    nah i mean its nice and all but the tone was not what i was expecting just the tone. the finish and purple color with the birds on the fret-board are nice and the different shades of wood in them really nice but that tone...ruined it for me. idk

  66. Cristian WithNoH
    Cristian WithNoH
    13 days ago

    That guitar is too cool.

  67. Guy Lilley
    Guy Lilley
    13 days ago

    That is a piece of art.

  68. Kev O'Brien
    Kev O'Brien
    13 days ago

    That jam is SICK in the middle of the video @musiciswin. Is it available as a backing track?

  69. fender s
    fender s
    14 days ago

    that is awsome congrats PRS are the best built guitar if you ask me!!!

  70. Elemental Lumber
    Elemental Lumber
    14 days ago

    Fantastic, great playing! A work of art, bravo! Keep rocking my friend.

  71. George Griffith
    George Griffith
    14 days ago

    I drive over that bridge in driving rain wind and lighting on a motorcycle

  72. JSwa1981
    14 days ago

    I’m sorry I’m sure I’m in the minority but that thing is hideous. I’m not a fan of PRS flame or headstocks so doesn’t surprise me I wasn’t going to like it as soon as I saw it was going to be a PRS

    1. I have no idea what to name myself
      I have no idea what to name myself
      3 days ago

      Good for you

  73. Steve Stevens
    Steve Stevens
    14 days ago

    What case is that? Where to get one?

  74. Veysel Çiçek
    Veysel Çiçek
    14 days ago

    This must be like your 2482435834095th dream guitar

  75. MusicStudent1
    15 days ago

    I like the idea of a custom guitar but nobody can make one to my specs: 2" thick body - no, very thick neck - no, access to all 24 frets? - only available on thin guitars. The one I want - thick, heavy, full access is probably freaking illegal in California, Maine, and Vermont!!!!

  76. Peter Baker
    Peter Baker
    15 days ago

    Absolutely Friggin Gorgeous!!! Damn I wish I could afford a P.R.S. like that OMGosh... Congrats

  77. Crazy Horse
    Crazy Horse
    15 days ago

    Lol seeing a highly flamed prs is so god damn boring. Prs is a boring company.

  78. Albert Gillespie
    Albert Gillespie
    15 days ago

    I like it man. Maby you can let everyone know how much it would cost me if i were to order 1 just like it. At least ball park it, i would do the charcoal finnish since you did the purple. The purple is gorgeous by the way.

  79. GNR
    15 days ago

    Beautiful guitar man

  80. xX_weedman 420_Xx
    xX_weedman 420_Xx
    15 days ago

    Cool guitar, my steinberger spirit stratbody has a 5mm hex key for a whammy bar and it's so fun

  81. Scott Blair
    Scott Blair
    15 days ago

    Such an amazing guitar! You are indeed a blessed man! I would have been over the moon to just meet Paul. But to him help design and have his people then build it for me? Died and gone to heaven!

  82. Ari Bones
    Ari Bones
    15 days ago

    I love the cover of "crazy" that plays at the beginning

  83. CauzChaos
    15 days ago

    Holy shit that fret board. Gorgeous

  84. eric wright
    eric wright
    16 days ago

    uh.... um.... uh...

  85. Rich Veeck
    Rich Veeck
    16 days ago

    Great guitar! PRS singlecuts are awesome. My main guitar that I love is a PRS SC250.

  86. Artyom Pak
    Artyom Pak
    16 days ago

    Looks like shit.

    1. I have no idea what to name myself
      I have no idea what to name myself
      3 days ago

      To you

  87. After Dark
    After Dark
    16 days ago


  88. Gear Tweaker
    Gear Tweaker
    16 days ago

    Full comparison with the Harley Benton version on my channel! (yeah obviously not)

  89. Thomas Van Aardt
    Thomas Van Aardt
    16 days ago

    That is VERY FKN cool man

  90. VRGamerz
    16 days ago

    Really nice man congrats.

  91. Matt Lacey
    Matt Lacey
    16 days ago

    Tfw Paul Reed Smith tells you he’ll ram you

  92. daveshaw18
    17 days ago

    that guitar is quite sex.

  93. Gl17chM0D
    17 days ago

    I wish I had the tenacity required to achieve such an amazing accomplishment, but I am sick with self loathing and churning brain fog that I know that it will never happen. This is what it's like just before you consign yourself to an eternity in your own self-created hell.

  94. mooncountry1017
    17 days ago

    it's OK. You should've gone with a Customer 24 hardtail but you went with an already known Gibson body shape

  95. Macaius MusicMaker
    Macaius MusicMaker
    17 days ago

    Man, I'm just watching this and I'm feel so happy for you. I can feel that amazing moment in where you feel like a 10 year old child awaiting for his most desired toy. Not to mention how lucky you are for having Paul doing this for you, so many in the world would crave for some of those dream instruments. Someday, if God helps me, I will go visit Paul's factory and if I can I will give him a hug, and say thanks for all the beauty and art he puts on every piece they make. Btw I'm a proud owner of a 513 and a Custom 24, and I love them to death! Cheers!

  96. tamas kanyo
    tamas kanyo
    17 days ago

    That fretboard is sick. It makes me think the birds are flying in front of the horizon.

  97. Jay
    17 days ago

    nice guitar but saly flamed maple just gets boring every guitar has it these days kinda hoped for something unique

  98. On the mainline
    On the mainline
    17 days ago

    Me watching with my Gibson Les Paul .... Lol

  99. Marche Bantum
    Marche Bantum
    17 days ago

    Please do a tutorial/breakdown of the song at 4:30!!! I honestly think it's the sickest thing you've ever played on this channel.

    1. GaijinMo
      14 days ago

      I agree, would love to learn more about it. Nice guitar and all, but the playing in that segment was the real highlight of this video.

  100. Niamh Freeman
    Niamh Freeman
    17 days ago

    I bet Tyler was one of those kids at school who would be your best friend, till you ran out of sweets/candy.