15 Secrets YOU MISSED In Fortnite Season 7

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  1. vr Guy 10
    vr Guy 10
    6 days ago

    Or might be an update of ETGoes home

  2. Peter Ruf
    Peter Ruf
    7 days ago

    It's actually called believer beach not Believers Beach

  3. saira rasheed
    saira rasheed
    7 days ago

    PLEASE CAN YOU GIFT ME A SKIN “glossywince5”

  4. Chunk Catalano
    Chunk Catalano
    11 days ago


  5. CreeperGamer 53
    CreeperGamer 53
    11 days ago

    T5G gets kidnapped 4:54

  6. Cat
    12 days ago

    Maybe the buss driver will hope for tips to get bars/money to buy resources for a bomb or an upgrade to the bus

  7. Ahmed Khan
    Ahmed Khan
    13 days ago

    Top 5 gaming: let’s make you the king of your friend group Me: not having any friends

  8. Ruari Young
    Ruari Young
    16 days ago

    The cow-inator that's just funny

  9. Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki
    19 days ago

    Guys did no one notice the I.O chopper in the trailer?

  10. Callen Weeden
    Callen Weeden
    19 days ago

    Is Midas part of io

  11. Madi Bishop
    Madi Bishop
    21 day ago

    could the girl in front of midas be ariana grande for the concert

  12. Ulises Duran
    Ulises Duran
    23 days ago

    I seen that movie

  13. beastcam
    23 days ago

    The bord was from a episode from rick and morty season 5 episode 2

  14. Braylon Harris
    Braylon Harris
    24 days ago


  15. AJUH YT
    26 days ago

    Pov: superman choose batman to lose lol

  16. Daviel Santa-Ayala
    Daviel Santa-Ayala
    27 days ago

    I think in season 6 it was meant to explode peely

  17. BillyfishyツBillyfishyツ
    27 days ago

    The whiteboard who has rick and Morty is not how they got to the island but it's the reference to season 5 episode 2

  18. It’s Caleb
    It’s Caleb
    28 days ago

    also fun fact: The drawing on the whiteboard in Corny Complex is from Mortyplicity

  19. Ewa Dzida
    Ewa Dzida
    28 days ago

    That's not Midas and marigold watching young Dr slone in a class it's Midas and singularity

  20. NPinneke
    29 days ago

    Did you miss that someone was playing chapter 2 season 6 in the background

  21. Abylssent
    29 days ago

    Only a Mr. Beast would tip

  22. The Soda Squad
    The Soda Squad
    Month ago


  23. Finland Countryball
    Finland Countryball
    Month ago

    So I thought of this theory that what if the plan that marigold had and the picture of Midas and marigold what if the plan is to rejoin the imagined order?

  24. SqueekySquid
    Month ago

    I'm pretty sure the inator is a doofenshmirtz thing.

  25. Krishna Govinda Ashyanth
    Krishna Govinda Ashyanth
    Month ago

    Bunker junky re chearch is all the skins that have beeen in the loop bc all of them have a lot of diff skins And that the aliens are doing that bc they stole the 0 point putting them and making them in a new loop

  26. Javin Weulander
    Javin Weulander
    Month ago

    I know super man was playing as batman

  27. Alisha Jones
    Alisha Jones
    Month ago

    The protective beech apically suit because banana pathophysiologically trap beyond a wiggly epoxy. educated, tangible microwave

  28. RJ21
    Month ago

    Renegade raider: ~does orange justice~ ufo:a~abducts~ renegade raider: OH SH-

  29. jana shouman
    jana shouman
    Month ago

    Use code T5G !

  30. Kiesha Bourquin
    Kiesha Bourquin
    Month ago

    marvel play as DC

  31. Matthew Alvarez
    Matthew Alvarez
    Month ago

    Wait when you talk to marigold it’s says soon and the party is soon what if that’s the connection

  32. FAT sx
    FAT sx
    Month ago

    I killed a lama

  33. Brennan McGregor
    Brennan McGregor
    Month ago

    Black hair man is Jones Uncle

  34. Jaden Mitchell
    Jaden Mitchell
    Month ago

    they call it secret skin because epic games don't ask permission to use the skin so they keep it a secret skin

  35. Aaro
    Month ago

    The giant vault is aliens

  36. Roblox Gaming Seires
    Roblox Gaming Seires
    Month ago

    What if you could be peely and go to bunker jonsey

  37. Westenn Capoli
    Westenn Capoli
    Month ago

    I knew the Batman one

  38. Thuy Linh Duong
    Thuy Linh Duong
    Month ago

    1:02 is that a ps5 controller

  39. joseph regeon
    joseph regeon
    Month ago

    the yellow jacet is playig fortnite

  40. Isaiah koshy
    Isaiah koshy
    Month ago

    yellow jacket is playing fortnite to and there is a tag on superman that shows the he is with the battle pass

    Month ago

    Midas didn’t die the loop revives everyone from dying so he’s still alive

  42. Fe4r Bynum
    Fe4r Bynum
    Month ago

    Apex legends and Fortnite should do a collar. There are good things to both games like the graphics of apex and the storyline of Fortnite or the weapon attachments in apex and the npcs in Fortnite

  43. Malachi Smith
    Malachi Smith
    Month ago

    cowanater from south park i think

  44. Andrew fordham
    Andrew fordham
    Month ago

    I hope the welcoming party is a live event with area21.

  45. Death fighter 8112
    Death fighter 8112
    Month ago

    Team fish or pesky

  46. Kade Hernandez
    Kade Hernandez
    Month ago

    What if there is a welcome party then during the party the other people come in and start a huge fight aliens vs people

  47. Geo Kwainoe
    Geo Kwainoe
    Month ago

    D3NNI made a new skin called Academy Midas. It should be added to game because of the reference at the last part of the vid

  48. Brianna !
    Brianna !
    Month ago

    It’s because Superman fake Batman because there’s a movie Superman versus Batman

  49. evann pro gamer
    evann pro gamer
    Month ago

    Use code T5G

  50. toast cat
    toast cat
    Month ago

    I know about the thing at the beginning that they showed us for the season just started when you hop on Richard snaps his figures and she plays the Pacific song in a movie that's pretty awesome I know that movie I used to watch it all the time

  51. grackbeck
    Month ago

    The board that bunker jonesy had i saw those other thing on that

  52. Meshari plays
    Meshari plays
    Month ago

    I found the broken vending machine but sweats oh you sweats they don’t leave you

  53. mthorne507
    Month ago

    The redacted bunker could be where fishstick and the other girl found the UFO! I hope it is.

  54. Xxsky1ander
    Month ago

    I saw it first

  55. Brando Rojas
    Brando Rojas
    Month ago

    T5G i have a good way to get heals and amo it helps me to get ready for a fight destroy big bulds with the UFO its ez but it takes time

  56. The Red Spy
    The Red Spy
    Month ago


  57. Nick
    Month ago

    have any of you noticed that we can unlock the secret skin in like 2 months, but that's in season 8....

  58. Erika Thomas
    Erika Thomas
    Month ago


  59. Zy Plays
    Zy Plays
    Month ago

    3:23 L L A M A

  60. Sandy Rodriguez
    Sandy Rodriguez
    Month ago

    I think the key is in the 80s and very bad man is best for navy movies playing that that may be

  61. Shannon Nigro
    Shannon Nigro
    Month ago

    It shows the alien parasite in the Chapter 2 season 7 trailer

  62. Ck Msm
    Ck Msm
    Month ago

    Finish the lyrics:I tried but I don’t think so

  63. TheAmazingTi200 !
    TheAmazingTi200 !
    Month ago

    I’m trying to get 4k because he been driving me to the battle royal map since season 3

  64. TheAmazingTi200 !
    TheAmazingTi200 !
    Month ago

    For the bunker Jonesy one I saw it full but i’m not sure it a glitch you have to do a mission i’m pretty sure to see it

  65. Nelson Pollett
    Nelson Pollett
    Month ago


  66. Max bg. Minecraft
    Max bg. Minecraft
    Month ago

    When Fortnte is sus. They get ideas from films

  67. 360four hi
    360four hi
    Month ago

    Rick was teased with the butter bot on one of the last days of the seasons

  68. Dan T
    Dan T
    Month ago

    in believer beach on a rooftop there is a bullseye

  69. Jayvon Kirk
    Jayvon Kirk
    Month ago

    Did anyone else notice when you go to Mari gold as agent jonesy she will say one step closer to the answer

  70. Yeet
    Month ago

    3:41 it says cuddle team leader is alien

  71. pubsNeon
    Month ago

    4:56 Lmao the aliens were like "say sike right now"

  72. Mel C
    Mel C
    Month ago

    Did you Rick can dance when you get out of his area

  73. FaZę Drįpツ
    FaZę Drįpツ
    Month ago

    did anyone see the llama in the bunker jonesy image

  74. Umer azeem
    Umer azeem
    Month ago

    Hold up why does Superman’s tag say press pass

  75. Empee
    Month ago

    my theory is that the aliens actually wanted to be friendly with the humans (us) there are drawings around map that shows aliens being friends with the humans either its sunny or the aliens that drew it, the ai ufos also dont go hostile on you unless you attack them (they play around with you instead)

  76. Jeremiah Saldana
    Jeremiah Saldana
    Month ago

    Idk if this is a Easter egg but when u wear bush ranger and go to Rick he says “bushy! What are you doing here?”

  77. Alan Dockery
    Alan Dockery
    Month ago

    Maybe its sunny who grifetyed the bunker because "she does not believe in human"

  78. Supergameboymj
    Month ago

    Just saying that Superman isn’t the secret skin. Look in the bottom left tab and going into it. Go down and you can see a question mark. Who is the secret skin then? We will see it later into the season.

  79. Cortez Jsmith
    Cortez Jsmith
    Month ago

    I saw the Batman one before you made this video

  80. Cortez Jsmith
    Cortez Jsmith
    Month ago

    I saw that before you made this video

  81. Elijah Royena
    Elijah Royena
    Month ago

    Wait that really happened?

  82. Rythum Gamer
    Rythum Gamer
    Month ago

    There was build up from the butterbot

  83. Candy Tomblin
    Candy Tomblin
    Month ago

    Christopher Wilder I want to replace where are you said Lick is at and he wasn't there and PC

  84. Piano God 307
    Piano God 307
    Month ago

    I saw the god dam Batman skin what the hell that was epic

  85. Daniel Louis Reyes
    Daniel Louis Reyes
    Month ago

    tip: box a llama and shoot them I did it many times and it worked all the time also put a roofand dont put a door

  86. red child
    red child
    Month ago

    I think that men in black is going to come to fortnite

  87. crusaderboi
    Month ago

    oh yeah on supermans pass it says battlepass on the card

  88. Shaarav Gore
    Shaarav Gore
    Month ago

    Hey Tommy, I was Looking at the Battle Pass and saw that The Ska-stra-terrestrial song may hint to the future of the island, listen to its lyrics please.......

  89. Tim De Brabander
    Tim De Brabander
    Month ago

    How much vbucks super man got

  90. ToxicwolfninjaX
    Month ago

    Where’s pickle Rick?

  91. Breanna G
    Breanna G
    Month ago

    The childlike lace philosophically sneeze because shop simulteneously wail during a smelly desk. judicious, future futuristic german

  92. Itac Tube - Brawl Stars
    Itac Tube - Brawl Stars
    Month ago

    rick and morty skin has an outline which looks weird to me ._.

  93. GMRL
    Month ago

    That’s the bus driver…? Didn’t expect that

  94. Basti Mahmutaj
    Basti Mahmutaj
    Month ago

    I saw superman playng fortnite but i didnt saw the batman skin

  95. mythic dragon
    mythic dragon
    Month ago

    I saw the batman thing the first time

  96. me and the bois
    me and the bois
    Month ago

    I pickaxe a lemma and it disappeared

  97. Roid Fortnite
    Roid Fortnite
    Month ago

    ye it was obvious the super man's secret i spoted it strate away

  98. Ebony Omelagah
    Ebony Omelagah
    Month ago


  99. Michael Puma II
    Michael Puma II
    Month ago

    For Nintendo Switch you can see everything on the board I play on switch so I got to see everything on the board!

  100. Patrick Hicks
    Patrick Hicks
    Month ago

    That guy looks like from The matrix