TWICE Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

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TWICE take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answer the internet's most searched questions about themselves. Who is the best dancer in TWICE? What is the TWICE fanchant? When was TWICE formed? Why are TWICE called TWICE? Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu answer all these questions and much more!

TWICE’s new single ‘Alcohol-Free’ releases Wednesday, June 9 and their new album Taste of Love is out Friday, June 11. \u0026gt;\u0026gt;

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TWICE Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED


  1. Mina's Shoulder
    Mina's Shoulder
    Hour ago

    I got a little uncomfortable when they didn't say Mina is the second best dancer Anyways, stan TWICE for a better life

  2. jung che
    jung che
    2 hours ago

    Nayeon is funny

  3. lin keolai
    lin keolai
    2 hours ago

    I feel sad for mina they didn't say she was the 2nd best dancer in twice 😔 It's ok mina I love you 🥺❤️

  4. Modo: kurokocchi
    Modo: kurokocchi
    2 hours ago

    1:03 xD

  5. Keke Cabaniss
    Keke Cabaniss
    3 hours ago

    pls i love all of them

  6. Nasri Chartouni
    Nasri Chartouni
    4 hours ago

    الى لابسه ابيض ليش منفسه 😂

  7. Rafael Quiambao
    Rafael Quiambao
    4 hours ago

    Heechul be like: Proud with Momo, throwing cards like he does.

    1. Modo: kurokocchi
      Modo: kurokocchi
      2 hours ago


  8. Panglima Perang
    Panglima Perang
    6 hours ago


  9. HeHe Hi
    HeHe Hi
    6 hours ago

    God loves you and so do i!

  10. Erin Bailey
    Erin Bailey
    8 hours ago

    The only helpful pronunciation would’ve been Tzuyu’s and she’s the only one who was super quiet 😂 people are still out here saying “tuhzooyu”!!

  11. Erin Bailey
    Erin Bailey
    8 hours ago

    “The nine of us survived” Momo: 🙃 thanks guys

  12. just nothing
    just nothing
    8 hours ago

    americanooooo joh-a joh-a!!

  13. Uk 27804
    Uk 27804
    10 hours ago


  14. Mc Lovely
    Mc Lovely
    10 hours ago

    I love you twice

  15. Kameron Lucas
    Kameron Lucas
    10 hours ago

    they literally asked how they became twice in three different ways ahhaa

  16. Dayana Carelis Ontiveros Vargas
    Dayana Carelis Ontiveros Vargas
    10 hours ago

    Se ven demasiado confundidas y nerviosas

  17. MjCAL_Official Cal
    MjCAL_Official Cal
    10 hours ago

    When it got to the most googled question How did twice form or started? they said all 9 of them survived at "Sixteen" and while they were saying this Momo is in shock or just stood still on how she remembered she didn't get picked and she cried and she eventually got picked again and became a permanent member of Twice.

  18. lonaa tube
    lonaa tube
    11 hours ago

    I love them so much

  19. UkeleleGuy
    12 hours ago

    Sana trying to pronounce easiest

  20. Eun Woo
    Eun Woo
    15 hours ago

    Are the hold on captive im kinda scared

  21. kimmy once
    kimmy once
    16 hours ago


  22. Ririka Momobami
    Ririka Momobami
    16 hours ago

    Tbh, I kinda felt disappointed when they didn't say that Mina is the second best dancer but I couldn't blame Dahyun tho.. I mean, all of them are best dancers but I kinda feel sorry for Mina :(

  23. Ranny Anny
    Ranny Anny
    17 hours ago

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  24. naziyimlol
    18 hours ago

    jeongyeon looks a bit sad. i am not judging but she looks like she is a bit far to group, i mean maybe the chairs cause this.

  25. Maiko Yamazaki
    Maiko Yamazaki
    19 hours ago

    03:02 Chae husband moment xD

  26. begum akalin
    begum akalin
    20 hours ago

    yeah twice best girl group

  27. Park Chaeyoung
    Park Chaeyoung
    20 hours ago

    Fact: Mina is main dancer too. But you guys just yelled momo. ( not hate momo but mina=momo. my think)

  28. Gingercore
    Day ago


  29. Ohio Woodson
    Ohio Woodson
    Day ago

    dude nayeon and chae look so good here

  30. leefelixsmother
    Day ago

    5:07 did anyone else think of hyunjin??

    1. leefelixsmother
      Day ago


  31. wowzers.
    Day ago

    why is no one talking about dahyun saying “Americanooo~~”

    1. Modo: kurokocchi
      Modo: kurokocchi
      2 hours ago

      my new message tone xD

  32. Sandra Day E. Batobalunos
    Sandra Day E. Batobalunos
    Day ago

    Mina sitting pretty like a CEO ❤️

  33. Fati Fati
    Fati Fati
    Day ago

    Twice big girl group❤

  34. aespaisy
    Day ago

    we love twice

  35. Ya'll got no jams
    Ya'll got no jams
    Day ago


  36. Маленький Хрещ
    Маленький Хрещ
    Day ago


  37. Enkhbat Bataa
    Enkhbat Bataa
    Day ago

    The girls look so cute but actually they didn't speak English it's so sad

  38. Yumami Yumemi
    Yumami Yumemi
    Day ago

    sana's english is so cute

  39. 💖TwiceAngels🧡Forever 2Yeon💖
    💖TwiceAngels🧡Forever 2Yeon💖
    Day ago

    You are the best girl group i love you more than anything. Good luck to you. My sweet Unnies

  40. 에아에오
    Day ago

    영어하는 멤버가 없어서 아쉽다ㅠ

  41. Ken Neth
    Ken Neth
    Day ago

    Question: who's the best rapper in twice? Everyone answers: chaeyoung! Follow-up question: who's the second rapper in twice? Everyone answers: all of twice! Now how would that feel hmm i thought i liked dahyun but i like mina way more and she didn't deserve that!

  42. •Maja•
    Day ago

    5:03 "Americanoo~~" even Dahyun misses Hyunjin

  43. Magicalweird stuff
    Magicalweird stuff
    Day ago

    Im sorry but this was the most awkward thing ever

    1. Magicalweird stuff
      Magicalweird stuff
      11 hours ago

      @Braxnz im just wondering why they didnt put music in the background or smth

    2. Braxnz
      18 hours ago

      It was mostly awkward because they dont really speak English plus the questions + its hard for some people to say someone is better then you at something without making it awkward

  44. Seungminpillow
    Day ago

    I think i'm gonna stan them, they are so cute, talented and funny 😭

  45. 난다.
    Day ago

    I aspire to be as chill as Mina 😂

  46. Walter Kyson
    Walter Kyson
    Day ago

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  47. monisha moni
    monisha moni
    Day ago

    Tzuyu n her cute english 😍😍😘

  48. mpy j
    mpy j
    Day ago

    I am extremely disappointed in Dahyun... sometimes she should think more before she speaks. Hope she apologize to Mina after this. In many of Once opinions, MINA is equally talented as Momo. They just dance in different style. I am really disappointed in her.

  49. M C
    M C
    Day ago

    You make me feel speciarr👌❤️

  50. Irene Gallardo
    Irene Gallardo
    Day ago

    Chaeyoung is very smart🥰

  51. S J
    S J
    Day ago

    Honesty no would even notice if even Mina leaves the group

  52. nrdamiaa
    Day ago

    im nayeon yoo jeongyeon momo zzang sana zzang park jihyo mina zzang kim dahyun son chaeyoung chou tzuyu one in a - million 💞💞 !!

  53. MaferQR
    Day ago

    My eyes are always with Mina, she looks like a Angel. You are the second best dancer ❤ don't doubt it

  54. MaferQR
    Day ago

    My eyes are always with Mina, she looks like a Angel. You are the second best dancer ❤ don't doubt it

  55. Rozhina Moonchild
    Rozhina Moonchild
    Day ago

    Twice: TT Subtitles: [speaking korean]

  56. Rozhina Moonchild
    Rozhina Moonchild
    Day ago

    Second best dancer…Mina? (:

  57. Dreyk Mamitag
    Dreyk Mamitag
    2 days ago

    Dahyun is such a hype train 😂❤️💕💯

  58. Meowrene
    2 days ago

    2715 250

  59. Wala akong Pangalan
    Wala akong Pangalan
    2 days ago

    Dahyun answered most of these 💀

  60. Zsadel Red
    Zsadel Red
    2 days ago

    Omo Jeongyeon best driver 💚💚💚

  61. Mateus Augusto
    Mateus Augusto
    2 days ago

    Best girl group is the blackpink, obviously!

  62. lvlyHsk
    2 days ago

    mina looks so beautiful with black hair

  63. Hatz
    2 days ago

    Why do all of em looks the same?

  64. Name Eman
    Name Eman
    2 days ago

    Am I the only one who thought this interview was incredibly awkward?!?!

  65. Mijsiera Oedat
    Mijsiera Oedat
    2 days ago

    twice justin bieber girls love family house happy wallpapers tik tok vlive songs offline lyrics vevo girls love call video justin bieber surprises justin bieber twice vlive girls love

  66. audr-io
    2 days ago

    5:07 the little "americano~~" reminds me of that one NCT member that kept singing "americano~~ joha joha joha~" and then he spilled it on himself

  67. namjoon’s lost airpods D:
    namjoon’s lost airpods D:
    2 days ago

    bye i know i wasn’t the only one that heard that little “aMeRicAnoOo’ i thought of hyunjin aha

  68. melisa londono-daza
    melisa londono-daza
    2 days ago


  69. meem
    2 days ago

    “who is the second best dancer in twi-“ i can tell how triggered mina is in her eyes

  70. lolo b
    lolo b
    2 days ago


  71. cliff2197
    2 days ago

    What Twice album should I buy? Twice: "Alcohol free" Me: But I like alcohol ☹

  72. Kown Chan
    Kown Chan
    2 days ago

    sooooo awkward

  73. sanyo
    2 days ago

    mina is so quiet

  74. Domnhall Athens
    Domnhall Athens
    2 days ago

    Momo english improve a lot 💖

  75. Kailee Broadway
    Kailee Broadway
    2 days ago

    Their english is so cute especially with their accent.

  76. Chau Nguyen
    Chau Nguyen
    2 days ago

    Mina has left the chat 🤣 she’s so cute

  77. SilGold
    2 days ago

    Nayeon is like : TwICeeeeeeeee

  78. Алан Жанбыр
    Алан Жанбыр
    2 days ago

    I wanna listen to it again and again 7:31

  79. berenice mendoza
    berenice mendoza
    2 days ago

    Dahyun is perfeeeeeeect 🥺

  80. berenice mendoza
    berenice mendoza
    2 days ago

    I can get over kpop. I can't get over TWICE.

  81. sein win
    sein win
    2 days ago

    they look so good stan twice and stream alchohol-free

  82. Cynthia Young
    Cynthia Young
    2 days ago

    I can't get over Nayeon beauty ✨

  83. Nezuko Chan
    Nezuko Chan
    2 days ago

    How to pronounce TWICE names? Meanwhile Nayeon : T-W-I-C-E cutest thing ever-

  84. Chocolaty
    2 days ago

    I got the Alcohol free add on this video 😂

  85. Chocolaty
    2 days ago

    Twice genre is Twice, is the best answer there is!

  86. J An
    J An
    2 days ago

    Question : What is twice’s favourite activity to do together? Sana: eating? I mean why not-

    1. Shadow Clone
      Shadow Clone
      2 days ago

      Sana once "ate" (her actual words in a V-Live) 😏 all her members, so it's not surprising! 😂

  87. Marlissa Cantu
    Marlissa Cantu
    2 days ago

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  88. Angel sama
    Angel sama
    2 days ago

    "How was twice formed" "We were formed through a survival show called Sixteen, and the 9 of us survived" Momo: **Vietnam flashbacks**

  89. Rolling
    2 days ago

    I feel bad for the girl at the upper left side, the one with the ugly greyish-greenish dress. The stylist did her no favors and treated her like a fat girl.

  90. 菇.
    2 days ago


  91. Swiftie Since 2012
    Swiftie Since 2012
    3 days ago

    Everytime i watched this interview i still mad at Dahyun and the members. How she answer like this?☹️Mina is obviously second best dancer. We all know her dance skill and ability. BTW i don't hate the members I'm just being mad at them. Still 0t9 stan☺

  92. Sweet creature Jimin
    Sweet creature Jimin
    3 days ago

    i felt bad for being scared to drive but knowing they don’t makes me feel a bit better 😅 i still gotta learn tho

  93. JUN
    3 days ago


  94. Sofia Cerina
    Sofia Cerina
    3 days ago

    4:12 T^T

  95. Travis Pariña
    Travis Pariña
    3 days ago


  96. LiuKang_55 0
    LiuKang_55 0
    3 days ago

    I’m kind of surprised when Jeongyeon said “does twice know how to drive”, none of the Twice members said “Mr Taxi Taxi Taxi”.

  97. nathania
    3 days ago

    mina radiates queen energy

  98. Katleho Luka
    Katleho Luka
    3 days ago

    This was so cute 🥰

  99. izzy !
    izzy !
    3 days ago


  100. Captain Myoui
    Captain Myoui
    3 days ago