Keith Eats Everything At Chipotle

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The king of menus is back and he may or may not have a mega burrito melt down today! Watch Keith eat everything at Chipotle! AND get the brand new Keith's Taco Sauce!

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  1. Samiyah Jade
    Samiyah Jade
    2 hours ago

    I simply cannot tolerate honey vinaigrette disrespect😡

  2. Everybody Clap your hands
    Everybody Clap your hands
    8 hours ago

    Ask for two scoops of everything except meat and there’s no charge for it you’ll have the biggest bowl in your life and need rubber bands to close it

  3. Eliza Leaver
    Eliza Leaver
    8 hours ago

    The old quesadillas are still available if you go into the store. Also, they are the same amount of food so they aren't actually bigger when they were done the old way. It's the same portions and the same tortilla folded a different way. The portion cup was in the bowl with the taco to keep it from falling over.

  4. Roger Blake
    Roger Blake
    9 hours ago

    It's always the butt of the joke because it's basically 1.) An Americanized version of Mexican food, which means it's not really Mexican 2.) The quality is basically no better than Subway.

  5. Rob Smith21
    Rob Smith21
    10 hours ago

    I work at Chipotle and like, why is this video so dang long! I haven’t finished it but that’s one of the reasons I clicked in this.

    1. Rob Smith21
      Rob Smith21
      9 hours ago

      Answered the question: the lifestyle bowls

  6. aaronmontero1
    Day ago

    Can we talk about the Matty Matheson impression?

  7. Urtė Urtė
    Urtė Urtė
    Day ago

    "Who's going to eat that much sour cream? " *Lithuanian heavy breathing*

  8. KamrynLouise
    2 days ago

    i used to work at this establishment and people are addicted to that vinaigrette lmaoo. i used tp have customers walk out, straight up leave , because we didn't have the vinaigrette. they went through the whole line, got to the register and ask for it and leave, without their meal or anything, if we didnt have it. they just walked out. like they really had us make 3 orders of soft tacos (iykyk) just to leave. with nothing bc we didnt have the vinaigrette. this happened more then once.

  9. h0uston
    2 days ago

    That Mattie impression was perfect!

  10. Dark Horse
    Dark Horse
    2 days ago

    I hate going to places asides from Taco Bell cause A LOT of them use the disgusting Cilantro

  11. zuzu
    2 days ago

    I eat chipotle sometimes,,, and it sure is Food but I’ve never had Good Chipotle. it never stays hot. so I’m just. shoveling spiced food into my mouth.

  12. Korndog99
    2 days ago

    I’m not here for the vinaigrette slander! That shit is the bomb haha

  13. Sonia Rodas
    Sonia Rodas
    3 days ago

    I love you💗

  14. Sonia VARGAS
    Sonia VARGAS
    3 days ago

    I love you both your too funny

  15. lola alvarado
    lola alvarado
    3 days ago

    as a chipotle employee: about the guac bubble. the guac is THICK and we spoon it in there, and it's nearly impossible to get the guac bubble out. i've tried 😥

  16. Kaylee Lopez
    Kaylee Lopez
    3 days ago

    coming from an employee, what the hell is a burritodilla??? 😂 i’ve had people order quesaritos but never a burritodilla. also, you can get rice and beans on a salad!

  17. viccrang
    4 days ago

    Ok we need more of Keith and Ryan

  18. Quinn Murphy-DeYoung
    Quinn Murphy-DeYoung
    4 days ago

    it is quite literally impossible to not get that bubble at the bottom of the guac if we want to be able to put the top on it.

  19. Lauren Blackwell
    Lauren Blackwell
    4 days ago

    How does the explore page know I just started working here

  20. Blue Shell
    Blue Shell
    4 days ago

    It’s the butt of the joke because it has a tendency of destroying said butt

  21. Nepia Ruwhiu
    Nepia Ruwhiu
    4 days ago

    that was an INCREDIBLE Matty Matheson impression

  22. Ethan Bauer
    Ethan Bauer
    4 days ago

    How are sponsorships not rolling in

  23. Bronson 284828
    Bronson 284828
    4 days ago

    When he was talking about the kids taco I imagined Keith getting himself and his future child the kids tacos and then in the back of the car on the way home they make the tacos together

  24. Rhian Brimble
    Rhian Brimble
    5 days ago

    Keith needs to know that there is already a Daddies sauce in the UK. It's similar to brown sauce/hp sauce and very good on bacon sandwiches

  25. mybuttons11
    5 days ago

    Becky is right the quesadilla was cheaper and bigger before lol if you know you know

  26. Emily L-L
    Emily L-L
    5 days ago

    As someone who works there it’s almost impossible to fill the guac all the way with the spoon we use

  27. Kristie Amaya
    Kristie Amaya
    5 days ago

    "you can use the guest house bathroom when you come home;" WOW.

  28. Maz
    5 days ago

    That was an *excellent* impression of matty matheson

  29. Santiago Da
    Santiago Da
    5 days ago

    It’s funny when they say that those burritos are huge. You should try Burros Percherones from Sonora. Google them

  30. scrambled ripper
    scrambled ripper
    5 days ago

    my chipotle order is a chicken and steak double meat bowl with a tortilla on the side and my toppings are both of the rice and the beans and then all of the toppings but queso and fajitas. I put it all in a big bowl and microwave it for a minute to help melt the cheese and even out the temperature because all of the cold ingredients make it all kinda cold, I mix it all up and make a burrito with my side tortilla and then still have like half the bowl left and it is so good

    1. Everybody Clap your hands
      Everybody Clap your hands
      8 hours ago

      If you ask for two scoops of everything except chicken you’ll have the biggest bowl ever it’s so hard to close you need rubber bands lol

  31. Chino 1838
    Chino 1838
    5 days ago

    That Matty Matheson was on point ha.

  32. Kaptain Kyle
    Kaptain Kyle
    6 days ago

    I know exactly what Becky is talking about with the quesadilla and I completely agree

  33. Katie Jones
    Katie Jones
    6 days ago

    The gabby sphynx accordingly sigh because pocket embryologically suggest unto a aspiring judo. warlike, spiffy plaster

  34. Smashing Waffles
    Smashing Waffles
    6 days ago

    2:07 It’s funny because in Mexico it’s called “Salsa Fresca” which means fresh salsa, so Chipotle is actually the one correct here.

  35. orteez
    6 days ago

    yk those people on DML wanted to kill themselves

  36. Jesús Suárez
    Jesús Suárez
    6 days ago

    As a Chipotle worker, I agree with everyone when they say that the old quesadillas were better

  37. rena cerier
    rena cerier
    6 days ago

    Keith you should do chipotle vs Santa Fe in Franklin Massachusetts!!

  38. Bonesidedowngoof
    6 days ago

    Let’s go corporate offices, jump on Keith before the next guy sponsors him, sponsor Keith NOW!!!!,

  39. Bonesidedowngoof
    6 days ago

    I love Keith!! He needs to eat his way through the entire UNITED STATES!!

  40. Bonesidedowngoof
    6 days ago

    Ok, so if you buy a burrito/bowl, and you get the veggies are free. So why in the hell would somebody PAY FOR A VEGGIE burrito, when the veggies are free???

  41. Bonesidedowngoof
    6 days ago

    Did you see the price for the key point bowl?? Who’s crazier, the guy who makes the price or the guy who buys at that crazy-stupid price???

  42. Bonesidedowngoof
    6 days ago

    Keith is so funny and when you include Becky, you get an hysterical sitcom, and I don’t want it to end.

  43. chandlerisboring
    6 days ago

    i'm vegan and i worked at chip, and we get a free meal per shift. i'd always take mine home & after about a week of white rice, pinto beans, sofritas, tomato, green, guac and lettuce, i was tired of the flavor but i couldn't afford anything else so instead i just changed up what held my food.

  44. chandlerisboring
    6 days ago

    as somone who worked at chipotle as of last month, we too hate the new quesadillas. we were fine when they weren't nearly $10, and you couldn't order them online

  45. Cristina Ng
    Cristina Ng
    6 days ago

    We need Chipotle in Singapore please!!! Please open Franchise hereeeeee if you are watching Chipotle T_T

  46. Kelly Phan
    Kelly Phan
    6 days ago

    Where I'm at, they no longer let you get the quesadilla the secret way 😭 and you have to order it online and get it the new way, you can't get it in person😭😭

  47. Jill H
    Jill H
    6 days ago

    Fresh tomato salsa A.K.A Pico de Gallo 😆

  48. Nails Chrysanthemum
    Nails Chrysanthemum
    7 days ago

    hi Keith - Congrats on your sauce! Thing is, it's a bit much to buy bbq sauce over the internet w/out tasting it. Woud you consider doing a $5-$15 sampler? I think 3 tbs is enough to know if I want the whole bottle. I'd either want just 1 of them for $5, or three for $10. Maybe less if I also bought other things from teh shop, like a tshirt. The packaging wouldn't have to be fancy.

  49. Lindsey Heldenbrand
    Lindsey Heldenbrand
    7 days ago

    No corn salsa with the chips?!

  50. Trey Tison
    Trey Tison
    7 days ago

    Everything at chipotle is a good way to die.

  51. Ryan C
    Ryan C
    7 days ago

    my old district leader would unalive whoever made that soft taco

    1. Ryan C
      Ryan C
      7 days ago

      correction: my old district leader would unalive this whole store for these portion sizes MY GOD that quesadilla

  52. Jerry Schu
    Jerry Schu
    7 days ago

    Why did homegirl stick around so long, I thought she was there for the quesadilla.

  53. Lea Rusk
    Lea Rusk
    7 days ago

    I fall asleep to these videos lol

  54. Josh Cisneros
    Josh Cisneros
    7 days ago

    Im way too high for this

  55. MBuckshot4511
    7 days ago

    This is painful to watch as a Midwesterner, that they don’t like the sour cream or a lot of queso. :,( lots of queso, cheese, chicken, and sour cream are best part

    1. Natalie W
      Natalie W
      5 days ago

      My oklahoma heart agrees!!

  56. Book167
    7 days ago

    Do everything at Panera Bread!

  57. Shaun
    7 days ago

    Off the rails 13 mins in 🤣

  58. Farhana Syed
    Farhana Syed
    8 days ago

    Why doesn’t he teach history 😠

  59. Larrymcjones
    8 days ago

    That Matty Matheson reference was everything

  60. Frankie Remacle-Grimm
    Frankie Remacle-Grimm
    8 days ago

    Just got a job at chipotle and I've never eaten there

    1. Everybody Clap your hands
      Everybody Clap your hands
      8 hours ago

      Lol it’s free everyday at least it was for me in 2019

  61. Dealing With Delta
    Dealing With Delta
    8 days ago

    omg the Pokémon reference at the end, love it .

  62. Laura Jean
    Laura Jean
    8 days ago

    Keith makes his own taco and says it’s the best bite he’s had all day omg lol

  63. Jessica Lawrence
    Jessica Lawrence
    8 days ago

    At Chipotle, the only thing that makes a salad a salad rather than a bowl, is the fact that the lettuce goes in first. I find it easier to mix up that way, so I like it.

  64. the invisible me
    the invisible me
    8 days ago

    I don't think I like Becky

  65. Danielle
    8 days ago

    Loved Ryan asking for his last name to assert dominance 😂 should be invited more often!!! He was great!

  66. Truly Yours Lucy
    Truly Yours Lucy
    8 days ago

    My mans Courage :D

  67. Keegan Hall
    Keegan Hall
    8 days ago

    I work at chipotle and a secret menu thing I make myself is a Crunchwrap though don’t ask em for one they won’t know how to make it I do it myself 😂

  68. Zane Marshall
    Zane Marshall
    8 days ago

    Eat everything at Culvers please :)

  69. Wesley Laureano
    Wesley Laureano
    8 days ago

    I'm liking the new sauce, looks just like the others with a different label!

  70. daniellenicole
    8 days ago

    Keith and Jack together is *chef’s kiss*

  71. Kendra Todryk
    Kendra Todryk
    9 days ago

    As someone who worked in the factory that makes the meat it’s very unimpressive. Even when I could eat it for free.. 🤷🏼‍♀️ the quality and seasoning mixtures is lackluster. And the carnitas smell like dirt.

  72. Karla Bedoya
    Karla Bedoya
    9 days ago

    as a former chipotle employee...I cringed at the carnitas shred sizes lol

  73. Caty D.Gutiérrez
    Caty D.Gutiérrez
    9 days ago

    this video makes me so stressed

  74. Baily Wilson
    Baily Wilson
    9 days ago

    I love the conversation where they’re trying to figure out the difference between the burritodilla and the quesarito 😂

  75. HongBin Chen
    HongBin Chen
    9 days ago

    The gainful saxophone summarily bathe because bladder assembly lie at a standing persian. ancient, electric kendo

  76. JScrib325
    9 days ago

    Dead at "white people taco night" 🤣🤣🤣

  77. Buffysbaee1996
    9 days ago

    The vinaigrette is not vegan bc it has honey in it I think. Honey isn’t considered vegan to some people.

  78. Caitlin Ciano
    Caitlin Ciano
    9 days ago

    OMG Keith with the straws had me cracking up!! Watching Keith and Becky with the “nachos” I was hysterical when they dumped the plate over and saw the tortilla!! 👏🏼👏🏼. Thanks for cheering me up!!

  79. RiPCORD
    9 days ago

    Spicy haha I guess LA people

  80. DD MG
    DD MG
    9 days ago

    Love the fact that he acknowledge barbacoa as superior, I only get barbacoa or carnitas as my meet with any of the chipotle menu items.

  81. Justin Saunders
    Justin Saunders
    9 days ago

    I ate a burrito from Trump and it taste like freedom

  82. Justin Saunders
    Justin Saunders
    9 days ago

    I'm upset this guy got a guest house bathroom lol

  83. Jasmine Miller
    Jasmine Miller
    10 days ago

    Keith please see this comment. I need you to sell your hot sauce in bulk! My family and I eat too much of it and it never lasts! We need it in bulk!!!

  84. Kara Ferrell
    Kara Ferrell
    10 days ago


    1. Blu Fuzzies
      Blu Fuzzies
      2 days ago


  85. nav  kaur
    nav kaur
    10 days ago

    9:26 when Keith taps the sauce out but it doesnt come out

  86. cwm
    10 days ago

    This eat the menu was sort of dumb... Chipotle has like 6 things you can get, it all ends up being the same with different meat

  87. Brandi Munguia
    Brandi Munguia
    10 days ago

    What the hell was popping out of the right side of Keith’s neck at 33:45? That did not look natural or safe. He should probably get that checked out.

  88. Avery Ryan
    Avery Ryan
    10 days ago

    The weird gifs really took me out of things

  89. Kai Love
    Kai Love
    10 days ago

    Qdoba is better

  90. Thereesa Langley
    Thereesa Langley
    10 days ago

    I worked at chipotle and if you made a double tortilla quesadilla you had to charge for burrito with whatever meat, if you only got the one tortilla it was charged as a 2 point burrito as long as you didn't get any topping, otherwise it was charged as a burrito too 🤷🤷

  91. reese chin
    reese chin
    10 days ago

    kinda sad that keith’s bowls looked like that :( mine are always so packed and sooo good🥰

  92. Rabbit Stew
    Rabbit Stew
    10 days ago

    Not sure how much trouble i'll get in for this, but as someone who's worked at chipotle ive a few things to say: the only reason i've seen someone on the line double wrap a tortilla was because the original tortilla is torn in some way the barbacoa, carnitas, beans, and cauliflower rice all come in pre-cooked and bagged, and are just reheated in a pot (besides the cauliflower, which is on the the flattop) the sofritas are made of tofu (hence why its vegan friendly) and tend to get overcooked and mushy as they stay on the line this might have just been at my location, but the managers cared more about speed and leaving early after closing over cleanliness. the dishes weren't ever washed properly, usually meaning that there's some food residue left on the "clean" pans

  93. Mack Smotherman
    Mack Smotherman
    10 days ago

    When Keith gets full he acts like when spongebob went to goofygoobers.

  94. HikariHana1995
    10 days ago

    9:18 is no one gonna talk about how Becky ate that taco!?

  95. Bridget Czarnecki
    Bridget Czarnecki
    11 days ago

    eat the menu is just a superior mukbang

  96. x yz
    x yz
    11 days ago

    Not skipping ads for Keith

  97. katiep6553
    11 days ago

    But Keith, what about chicken tacos. Do you use the chicken sauce or taco? Or both?

  98. Ngf Tch
    Ngf Tch
    11 days ago

    I will fill it all the way

  99. ari g
    ari g
    11 days ago

    never would have expected to see keith and courage collab

  100. lianna mkoyan
    lianna mkoyan
    11 days ago

    You don't have to milk the cow. If it has the baby the baby will drink the milk, but when you take the baby then it is a problem...